Where are enns?


I read about a lot of posts about enns and how they’re very useful when it comes to evocations but where do you get these enns? I have a book called “LUCIFER AND THE HIDDEN DEMONS: A practical grimoire from the order of unveiled faces” by Theodore Rose. Are those pathways considered enns?

Demonic Enns


Enns are short sentences in the demonic language that invoke the energies of a specific demon. They come from the practice of demonolatry, which is demon worship, though they have filtered down into modern ceremonial magick as well.

You can find them by using the forum’s search button, or by using Google.


@DarkestKnight so would the book I have on pathworks do essentially the same thing? Is it an easy way to evoke demons?


From what others have said about the book in question, it is essentially a meditation where you journey to the demons. You are NOT evoking them to physical appearance but simply contacting them in your mind.


An example of what? Pathworl or enn?


You can find some of them in the YouTube channel " satan and sons" the lady chant them so you know how to pronounce it.


@Aprentiz An enn for Lucifer is Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer courtousy of https://zalbarath666.wordpress.com/satanic-magick/demonic-enns/

That website lists a lot of entities


I haven’t even heard of them before joining the fourm. They most had been very obscure thing the Balg people dug up and starting using.


Thanks everyone for your input still obviously working out a few things.


What I haven’t figured out, is how do people evoke demons without sigils, enns, or pathworks? @Purple


Actually, no, enns are not obscure in the slightest. They are very common in demonolatry, and have been for quite some time. S. Connolly’s work is full of them, and she has been a demonalator for over 30 years.


Thank you, I just got the Complete Book on Demonlotry by her, should make for some good reading.


Well, outside of demonolatry it isn’t well known then.


I found this.


Some selected works by S. Connoly including the Enns could be found here:


And also check this blog: https://magikana.blogspot.com/2008/10/goetic-enn-pronunciation-guide.html


I am newbie but i Need to start What happen if i go to sleep And let the Enns of a demon play from my phone


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