When you work with Astarorth

Has she ever come off as controlling or possessive?

Not in my personal experience. Astaroth liberated me from something very deep rooted in a rather discrete and unobtrusive manner, without exercising controlling or possessive traits.


ANY advanced spirit can. There are lessons to be learned, IF it is an advanced spirit presenting as such.

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I ask because she’s pointed me towards a book on her that involves a right where the magician dedicates their soul to her. I’m not about that.


She can do that. It is all in how you approach her and what you are asking her for. She can do anything, but there is a cost involved. I know people think that spirits have limitations, while, in her goddess form (Astarte) she has no limitations and can do anything.

I know there is this whole question, like can a god make a stone so heavy she cannot lift it. There are lots of philosophical questions like that to waste your time with, but when you have infinite time, concern about wasting time is not really an issue.

If you need help with boundaries and limits I would really suggest also working with other spirits.


Well, I’m not looking for anything too major, and I’m not looking to offer up anything too major. Like with any spirit or deity, I’m looking to create dialog and get to know her, but I want to maintain my agency.

Here is a a better question. How do you know if you have no already dedicated your soul to her?