When you think it hasn't worked

So, after last night I just wanted to offer this little experience to new ppl - like myself- who think their evocation hasn’t worked.

Last night it was time to call Raum (I’m working my way thru the 72 goetia, after being inspired by Israel’s thread) … I’ve been working on actually “seeing” the spirits/demons as i journey (as well as dream work) and that has been advancing.

But i don’t “feel” them now, although i see more things.

So, last night I’m focusd, calling… i have 1 charcoal thingy burning with resin and a tea light candle. I meditate & call, i ask my questions. Im sitting in darkness… staring off into darkness…

Then the monkey-mind starts asking “did it work, is Raum here??” - as brains do. Irregardles i finish up, thank the spirit for attending ( remembee the advice often given here “they ALWAYS hear”) …

Suddenly, literally, i can see across the room. I can see cleraly the shelfs with their nick-nacks. Where only moments before was inky bottomless blackness.

I guess the dark had edged its way in so slowly, that at the time, as time passed I’d not noticed it.

My point?

Make notes right away of what happens in a session. In the trance i find alot of the details fade. Make a note of the tiniest things that happened… when you think its not working look back over the notes… there is always far more there than I actively remember. And also, the tiniest thing could be important. When starting our sences are poor and all of the leigons “of hell” could be stood there and perhaps all we can see is a sparkling for a moment… ignore that spark & the monkey brain will dismiss it next time… aknowledge it and maybe next time it will be a flash!

Ramble over… hope this helps someone… and if not it helped me at least :wink:


Raum is known for being harder to contact.

Glad its not just me then… took alot out of me, pretty much collapsed for about an hour after & woke up totally drained this morning!

Yes. As I said in previous answer from graveyards, crossroads and hell they always hear you. :slight_smile:
Except for light forces. Maybe because bellow is closer. From the above you can only wait for salvation to your soul. :smiley: