When you realize you may have had a vision of demons years ago

Many years ago. Im napping on a friends couch, and I have some kind of vision. There was 3 beings. The feeling was that shit had gone far enough and they were stepping in. Two appeared male and one female. The man furthest from me was the shortest, military uniform, green. He was, maybe aware and didnt give a shit I saw him. Dark hair, tan skin. The woman was in layers upon layers of black cloth, hooded and maybe didnt have a face, or one I could see. She was thin, tall, etherial dark beauty. She didnt have to bother with walking or making actual steps as she floated along.The final man, I couldnt see his face. I most remember him wearing what was obviously a really nice suit. He had an air of authority that radiated from his entire presence.

I saw them walking and seemingly communicating amongst themselves. Im aware I am on the couch asleep, but also seeing some layer of the space I was in. Behind them like a step below them I could see what looked like marching rows of soldiers. I would see arranged rows but no real details of what they looked like. Just this incoming wave of organized power. These three were in command of all of them. I could just feel it. It was like infinite numbers behind them. That made me nervous.

As they walked past me and I registered everything I was seeing, the men continued to step forward and the woman stayed a step back. She turned to me and in my mind I heard her say, " dont worry we’re not here for you". Then she turned away and walked forward with them again. They all just faded and I woke up, startled, confused. I didnt know what or who they could be. I tried to warn the ppl who lived there. They were in a messy breakup, didnt care.

Now, all these years later when I read descriptions of some of these beings I am not sure exactly who it was, but for sure they had the depth of energy of some of what I read here about how others percieve them.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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When I was extremely sick as a teenager I had a vision of a man in a very nice, but very old styled suit. He was also wearing a goat skull as a helmet. Or his head may have actually been a goat skull. I’d forgotten this until now.

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Aww I love that. There are so many things we just might not realize in the moment.