When you gaze long enough into Fehu, Fehu gazes into you

Hey BALG (If any of you wonder why I start most posts this way I think it sounds like Buster form Arrested Development, it amuses me to do so)

So I have noticed that I am starting to get a little out of wack. Nothing major, just that doing a lot of sorcery does that to me. After some mediation on the subject, communing with my spirits and the wise words of many of you on here I came to realize that I need more internal work.

Think of it like magical weightlifting.

After more consideration I decided to work with the spirituality of my ancestors as a way to honor them and strengthen my connection with them. Runes play a big part of it. Runes are just as connected to us internally as they are connected to the external world.

So here is what I am going to do.

Everyday, for the next 24 days. I will get out of bed and meditate on a rune. I will scry it, intone it, and meditate on its principals through out the day. I will feel its energy and get a sense of not only what it is about but what it truly means in a personal sense. Exercises like this can be found in “Taking Up the Runes” by Diana Paxton.

Of course I will petition my spirits for guidance and protection, but here is where ya’ll come in.

I am going to be posting my results and findings here. I would love for those who work with runes to give me some feedback. Of course I ask that we keep it respectful and any criticism constructive. I don’t mind something like “Hey Orismen, I think you are off a bit (or a lot). Gebo is _____ not _____ and here is why I say that.” but if it is “NO YOU DUMB MOTHER FUCKER. YOU ARE WROOOONG!!!” then please kindly refrain from posting.

Thank you and much love,

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FUCK YOU DUUUUDE!!! And that was me being a complete ass ladies and gentlemen


Damnit GZA, this is why we can’t have nice things.

You…Runes…please, psffft rofl that’ll be the day.

Seriously though I look forward to hearing your progress. Are you going to incorporate Runic yoga into your practice as well?

I am going to do runes in the morning and charka tuning and energy work at night while I contemplate the meanings of each rune. I just hope that I am not too groggy in the morning to stare at a rune :slight_smile:

You’ll have some interesting results from scrying or gazing the runes. The runes will change the way you think when you get into them.

YYyggssbok A Bold New Runic Vision by Ulf Asgardson is descibed “as ablinding lightning strike to the ways and traditions of the Northern peoples and the
magic of the runes.” If you haven’t looked at this book I stongly recommend it.

I wish a Rune Magic section could be added to this Forum.

A Handbook of Rune Magick by Edred Thorsson is my go to for quick rune reference.

Check out runelore when you get the chance… keep in mind while the definitions listed in the book may not be as “down to earth” it will allow you to get a new level of depth from them.

http://www.kondor.de/runes/runen_e.htm (Delet the _e for a German Version)
Its a good resource for Stödur/“Rune-Yoga” and the Galdr variantes.
The Lore is very well researched.
Dont mind the interpretations of the Runes… I wouldn’t go with all of them.

You could also look into Karl Spiesberger’s Work for Ideas but he uses an 18 runes system that is suposed to be “closer to the Runesong”… Well… Just look for ideas. Except fo the Hagalas Rune… Pure Awesomenes.

If you got the time go into the woods! And look up in an Divinatory mindset.
Dont think about “were are the runes and what do they tell me” but wait for the moment when you GET HIT…

Mind if i join the Runework?

The more the merrier man!

We can call it Orismen and Virgil’s Runetastic 24 days.

Go for it! Do not limit yourself to what other people say the runes are or are not. I enjoyed my 24 day journey. I have found the runes useful for years as easily projected, pre-powered thoughtforms, especially when dealing with things in public places ‘under the radar’, or for fast response emergency situations where there is no time to ritualize.