When you dream spirits

So I took a nap earlier today and I dreamt that I was determined to make a breakthrough with my clairaudience. I was sitting at my computer desk and with a strong intent to hear spirits I focused on my reflection on the black screen. I closed my tight and asked, “Can you hear me”. I got a reply in a deep dry tone, “Yes”. It was King Paimon. We talked a bit, made some jokes, it was a light and casual conversation (can’t remember much now). He was asking me about who I would like to seduce. While talking, I jokingly asked him, “how come there’s no Queen Paimon?”. He chuckled, then after a momentary pause, he replied, “I am complete”. I then woke up and trying to force myself to get back into the dream to continue because I was excited that I had made contact. As my excitement grew, I actually woke up (yeah its like inception… a dream within a dream). I was bummed that yeah… no clairaudience. Anyway, my question to anyone out there, did I really make contact with King Paimon or was it just my mind developing a story for me to follow based on my desires? Anyone else had experiences like this?


How do you know you weren’t talking to yourself ?

That’s what i’m trying to figure out!

It seems like a real experience if you remembered more of the conversation it would’ve easier for people to let you know if it was genuine or not the part where he said I’m am complete makes me think it was legit, but I don’t have any experience with him.

I’d try when your meditating to shift your thought process back to that moment by saying I am complete and thinking of when you were talking to him. Might open the door to him not just in general so keep that in mind too.

Last night I drempt I was explaining how I percieve other being and and forces I actually was writting about it on here to someone in the dream. From what I gathered from what I can remember I need to stop combining the negative aspects of things together with the good and just focus on it itself not classified. Part of it was Alo about subconsciously talking to people and randomly while talking to myself I’d a person apear and they would comment but they would come out of no where this dream had no location everything was just black or I’d be aware of myself in bed. Then I had a super awesome dream afterwards that was hella fun.

Anyways hope you gained some skill points with our experience it’s only a matter of time until you get the concious ability to interact like that. I’m waiting for it myself.


This is the only thing really that stood out for me. Other than that, it was his demeanour that was typical of King Paimon. Maybe @SoliMar can shed some light on this?