When you do tarot divination, who are the answers coming from?

Who/what/where are the answers coming from? Are you meant to work with a spirit, your own intuition, a combination of these, etc.? Can an experienced practitioner be more or less certain their readings are correct, or do they still run into issues at times?


You can get messages from anyone specific if you want it from them. VK Jehannum says if you don’t have a specific deity/spirit in mind then it’s your higher self coming through.


Generally, it is your intuition combined with the spirit of the cards.


I’ve been reading tarot cards for 25 yrs. since I was 18. when doing a reading, I go by my intuition. I’m instantly drawn to a card, I pull it and study it. Sometimes if pertaining to timeframes, I pull the number pertaining to it. If it’s about a situation , I study the card and try to interpret the message through various symbols in the cards.

I feel my tarot cards have their own spirit that’s connected to me. I bond with my cards by greeting them, giving them a kiss, quick shuffle, and then a long shuffle while talking about my situation, what’s going on, putting my energy in the mix and then thank them for their assistance. Then I do the spread. It may seem silly, but it’s how I connect with my cards and it works for me…and about 90% of the time the reading is accurate. The other 10% can probably be attributed to my either feeling off and disconnected or I didn’t get a clear message and interpreted wrong.


I think that any form of divination is essentially an interaction between the subject of the reading, the reader, and the tools.

The tool is, ideally, a symbolically rich source of information. The subject and reader use them to unlock information that they already have regarding their question.

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This is a good post.

I mean, I would’ve given you the textbook answer. That supposedly it’s “universal wisdom” coming through a tool. But I lost faith in tarot cards.

I used to use them every day but I stopped because they were lying to me. It wasn’t misinterpretation, it was consistent flat-out lying. I had a bad falling out, you could say, with my last spiritual system. A lot of “love and light” spiritual systems will try to break down their followers to “humble” them and gain better control, which is why they’re called parasitic.

But I just ordered a new pack of tarot cards and they should come in the mail within the next few weeks. And I’m battling with some uncertainty. I don’t want to be lied to again. Sorry to hijack your post with my commentary. But I’m also looking for encouragement and advice.

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@Encore19 Hopefully the next deck will suit you better. As to lying cards…

Not in my experience. In my experience the cards tell true.

If yours didn’t tell true there could be any number of possible reasons (I’m listing 3 of those possibilities below):

Maybe yours were tainted before you got them by someone else who handled them before you and they got filled with the wrong vibes or spirit cuz a that person.

Or else it was answering a question that was on your mind that wasn’t the one you asked because that question had more oomph behind it so the cards spirit thought it was more important to answer the unasked question rather then the asked one.

Or you could have subconsciously (with you not aware of doing it) decided what it was supposed to read and when it didn’t deal that way you thought it was lying

I’m not saying it was any of those things caused it just saying in my experience my cards haven’t ever lied to me so maybe their was a problem with that specific deck or something else going on.

Here’s wishing you better luck to you with the next deck


Thanks. I don’t want the issue to carry over. It really looked like the New Age beings I was a part of at the time were trying to mislead me by saying all these positive things about an evil person they were trying to get me to chase for karmic reasons. Then when that failed they spiritually attacked me a few times. Tried some other things. And then my cards seemed to get passive aggressive, like every answer was designed to annoy me. It’s like I was so entrenched in their energies that it was coming out in my cards. They could affect things around me too, make electronics glitch and also made a camp stretcher fall and wake me up while I was talking to them in a dream. Just pathetic bullying tactics the “light side” is supposed to be above. They made me feel like I was ‘spiritually connected’ to someone but it was an imposter thoughtform and not the real person at all.

I hope I’m away from them now. The lingering fear is that they still have a hook or two in place. Thanks for the help.

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I kiss my cards too, love it!
Good question, interesting topic!


I used to worry I was over using my tarot cards, or that I would end up reading them too much and it would somehow mess me up and I would rely on them too much. Each card has multiple meanings, that can be either negative or positive (or both at the same time) in a given context. See, that is why I actually like tarot cards. I mean, I’m not a love and light toxic positivity person ( I mean I tried to be, but its called toxic positivity for a reason.)

So, basically tarot tells you the good and the bad, only what I want to hear is basically a toxic positivity mindset, but that doesn’t mean realism is one option that one person who you trust to much tells you is absolutely your only option. I mean, you always have other options, they might actually be worse options, but you have the option to follow those paths.

Another way I have found to use tarot is do an a vs b spread, sometimes a is doing something and b is simply not doing it. Sometimes it is obvious what is the better path, and sometimes it is not. Sometimes they both look bad and a third option would be better.


Generally the subconscious. Meditation on the High Priestess will help give an awakening.

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In my case, the cards are easy to be compromised by other energies and the process to be properly cleaned or purified is time consuming and laborious.

After two or three sessions they are no longer reliable. Previously used energies remain on the cards changing the result.

When my deck starts to feel weird, I close the deck and throw it away.
I use cheap decks and I consider them disposable.
When they are new, I do the consecration and use it always with a glass of water and a white candle.
To discard, I open the cards, thank each one and burn them when I go to perform some ritual outside the house.

I have plans to do a personal experiment based on divination systems from other cultures, a mix of coins, shells, bones and stones. If it works, it will be easy to clean up and keep the answers honest.


My belief is that the information contained in a reading comes directly from our subconscious that is linked to the higher self.

Having said that I typically call on Prince Orobas to assist me with my readings and since I started doing that my accuracy has improved greatly.

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Very interesting. I never would have thought about asking this question. Your answer seems sound enough and definitely explains why I have had no luck with such things. My higher self is as my name implies.