When to write the letter of intent for summoning a succubus?

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When I write my letter of intent to summon a succubus, am I supposed to write it during the ritual or can it be written beforehand, so as to be ready for the ritual? I’m confused about that.

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(to answer your question, I believe @succupedia says that you write it beforehand, as it acts as a sort of preliminary invocation of Lilith and makes her aware of your desire.)

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Have you actually read the Letter Of Intent article in here?

The first section is about how to write the letter, while the ritual itself comes with a seperate section as a conclusion and a follow up to the letter you wrote before. It’s connected, for sure, but you could write that letter months ahead of the ritual and use it whenever you feel ready.

See the letter as preparatory, and the ritual as conclusive.


Thank you very much, DarkestKnight and succupedia. I’m grateful to you both.

The best part is, folks, is that I did read the letter of intent, though that’s open to debate, isn’t it? Might be time to get some new glasses…

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