When they want your dedication in return

Hi everyone,

I have mainly two or 3 spirits I work with. And it’s really intense. They are there when you need them. It’s great and I thank them for this.

So with one I am recently doing more work. And I have giving an offering in return. But i sense they want dedication too. What’s understandable.

So I’m still figuring out what that means exactly. I sense something like a daily ritual.
But you state your intend one time if you work with Daemons. So is the rest that only meditating on their Sigil and a weekly offering and talk to them what’s on your mind?

That’s how I’m doing it now.

How do you guys and girls see this?


Are they they they entitites that you have have worked with longest time? because if they are, you could give them them your blood as an offering. I know such a comment is expected from me by now but try it, it helps


No, the entity I’ve always worked with is Lucifer. He wants dedication in return but then on certain layers in your life.

No, it’s Lilith and I’m doubting my own divination a bit because i’m to busy in my head.

On the other hand the evocation was very strong, she was here. And I’m not understanding her fully but I do get some words.


Well, as person whos matreon is Lilith and, I can say that you could give your blood as an offering for both of them. That is what I did.


Thanks I’m still a new to the blood thing.


Isn´t everybody in the beginning?


Dedication can take many forms, and is something you should best work out with your invisible buddies. Let it be known, that it takes certain levels of closeness, and intimacy, to get to know an entity fully, and deeply. A devotee of Anubis for twenty years is going to have a lot more intimate knowledge of this spirit than someone who’s only summoned him once, but there are ways to speed this process up.


In my belief dedication could be anything. Wearing a piece of jewelry with their sigil or something that just shows good intent, a tattoo, offering something important like blood or a cherised item.

The main question really is, what do you feel will show dedication best? If you feel it then it is so.


Thanks everyone for all your tips, I’ve ground myself and can do better divination now :slight_smile:

The blood is a good idea, jewelry :slight_smile:

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You’re right @Arcane, in the beginning I didn’t feel anything. Now I feel the energy of the spirits when they come. Pretty powerful. So I’m on the right path.

I would ask Lucifer what is being meant by dedication. Contract or something else? Think of how ancient societies are…based on honor and loyalty. That’s how they are. A real commitment shows both and that goes a long way towards their willingness to continue with you. An example below:

Like if we’re dating for a year, where’s the ring? Where’s the commitment that says this wasn’t a waste of my time? Who is to say you won’t be disloyal to me and walking both sides of the fence and going where the grass may seem greener? Am I to Netflix and chill once a week when it’s convenient for you, or are you truly diligent in winning my love and creating a real relationship and aligning yourself to an illuminated energy like me?

And that…may be the Crux of the situation.


I will, he was a bit quiet and said be patient. Now this week because I’m more clear myself. He is turning something really fast :slight_smile: So as normally I’m worrying for nothing I think. I have to learn to be more self confident (but that’s what I’m working on with Lady Lilith).


Very well said. @Borgy, dedication can mean different things to different entities / spirits. To some, it will mean that you only work with them and dedicate your life to them. For others, they may not mind “sharing.” It is important to ask what they will tolerate and what they won’t. Sometimes you won’t get a clear answer in which case it is trial by fire :wink:


Hey @babygrim, well Lucifer is quite clear in not sharing things or sharing things :slight_smile:. I always get a very big ‘NO’ or ‘YES’