When the pandemic make you realize the truth

When the pandemic teaches you that the guy you fell for is a fuck boy and you realize the nice one is boyfriend material.


Well this pandemic has seemed to accidentally have caused a global awakening of universal proportions of sorts but…that’s nice too

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Is there something that related to magic or the Occult in this?


Yes awakening of events that I need to atone for. To set things right again. My ex was very into magick I think I dated him just for more occult experience.

Some women even confessed to me that they fall for fuckboys. They couldn’t stand nice guys in a relationship and it gets you friend zoned big time

Right…So will said atonement be documented here and will this be a journal of your magickal workings? If so, I can move it to the journals section.

The sad truth in this is that “nice” is the bare minimum and doesn’t really imply any personality traits. “Nice guys” tend to be either too passive, servile, and milquetoast, or they perform acts they think of as “nice” in the hopes that it will make a woman sexually attracted to them, and become passive-aggresive and accusatory when it doesn’t work how they expected.

In reality, most straight women I know are attracted to men who have their shit together, who aren’t needy, and who have a well-rounded life (career, social, hobbies) that doesn’t revolve around the single minded idea of “need gf, anyone will do”.

JMO based on lived experience and what I’ve seen.


It’s simple for me, I don’t go and play dr. Phil and then talk to women I like, it will put me in friend zone lol and I never get friend zoned because I’m very careful and lucky I got women-friends who tell me they don’t like nice guys. And no I’m not a fuckboy you don’t need to become one to get the women you want just be independent enough, anyways yeah fair point to you I guess !


The measures taken in association with the ‘pandemic’ helped me realise the truth – realise as in ‘make real’. I’ve allowed the masses to do the ‘heavy lifting’. That’s all I can post as I may stray into Aeonics, empire building, gloating, economics, together with real-world distinctions between the left-hand and right-hand paths and a lot of that sort of thing could be construed as ‘political’, perhaps repetitious. Just remember, bank vault doors always open to the right.


Anything more we can do magickally against this? This is getting out of hand.

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