When or How about the free e-books at Amazon?

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I think could be helpful to type this as a topic because it is somewhat common to get a little confused about it: If I purchased 1 or more of the paperback version of the books with the option for the free e-book (for Kindle) why can’t I have it in that very moment?, and when or how will I receive it?

OK, it is really some concerning about the Amazon working system (relating to the arriving of the shipment -paperbacks-, the notifications and the probable devolutions), so the only thing you need to do is to wait, from 2 to 7 days at most so the Kindle version of the book could appear as a “Kindle Matchbook” at the price of 0.00

So, Patience as in a lot of the Magick World, has a very important place, first and principal about yourself, because contacting to Amazon via chat or phone or e-mail will only give you this same answer, and well, we could understand that in fact it is really fast the appearing of the free e-book, because some people (talking about every Kindle Matchbook) would be thinking in a devolution of the “physical copy(ies)” and so, 7 days at most it is a short nice term.

Well, hoping to be of help, great readings and workings to Everybody!

This could have gone in the announcement thread about it too :wink:

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I was thinking that, but then I wanted to wait and see if anyone had a helpful reply seeing the new topic. :+1:

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I think calling them “free” is misleading. You have to pay money to get them one way or another.

Kindle Matchbook is a program that allows Amazon customers who purchased physical books to be given a discount on the e-book version of the same title. The prices range from $2.99 to free.
It doesn’t work with all book purchases as only certain publishers and authors have chosen to take part in the program.

So, it’s not “free” - you had to have bought the book already. And bought it via Amazon.

Be careful of the “free” books on Kindle Unlimited also.
That’s a subscription program, you pay per month to access just a couple of books per month for the subscription - they’re not fee at all, really.


Hi, in fact I’ve typed the same in the announcement thread also, but after those posts I noted that people were asking the same question, so that make us think that the thread is not read at complete because of the skipping of some posts (and this could makes me wonder about how many times could be really helpful info in some threads or topics or posts and the skipping reading as useful as is also could be misleading sometimes…) and was thinking about some ways to enhance the lecture or reading of the forum (well, maybe it is done this way, but anyways I would like to suggest it, just in case):

  • To give to the posts not only some mark or identification by the time of the last post or reply on the thread, but by the number of “likes” given to it

  • Knowing that the “like” is somewhat a way to qualify the post as nice or well, “liked” by the person giving the like, sometimes (but not always) reflects the utility or the useful of the post by the matter of facts regards the thread or regards the experience or the knowledge offered or well, etc., and so, as thinking that this is not any kind of intent of qualify the posts per se, but to try to qualify the (always subjective, as any qualification maybe numerical, or maybe by some kind of emoticon or “mini happy or neutral faces” and so on) experience from the post, or the thread so, the forum could have a lot of very useful threads with only a few post in there, and also some threads with a lot of posts but with not so meaty info so to speak,

  • And all with respect to all the readers and writers of the posts, just trying to offer the readers of the forum a little more of help about those posts and threads-topics that were more useful for anybody (and regarding the subjectivity of this, of course it is, but also could be of help) and as the relativity of the experiences and backgrounds, some people would find helpful some posts or threads and others not so much, and this is part of the nice experience, the sharing experience that a forum offer (maybe could be doable or not, and if the moderators think this must be erased, I understand, this was just an opinion)

Well, thank you!!

That seems to be a system like Reddit has, I’m not sure what the developers think about it (which is not BALG) but I’ll check their support forum next time I’m in that mode to see what comments were made about it.

Other than that, curating a forum that has so many threads dating back to 2012, and with new ones being made all the time that often have a few gems of helpful replies, is a herculean task, but if you can identify the exact problem you’re seeking to solve and a method that would make it easier to curate (beyond just using search) do PM me! :+1:

I try to add useful items to the enhanced FAQ in the new greeting PM I send people (if anyone reading hasn’t had this, PM me, i took a break from doing them for a while) and also, I try to add genuinely useful info in this topic Some Member Resources & Tips and now, this: Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! 👍

But the Amazon linkup is very recent. and I have not been told about the back-end of Amazon (and I’m not BALG’s employee or anything, so from both their and my point of view, there is only so far it’s appropriate for me to know about that stuff) so, fixing that kind of thing on the forum isn’t something that I could accomplish, it’s more a task for the professional helpdesk and maybe BALG’s author pages or FAQ on the becomealivinggod.com main site. :smiley:

And yes, people do tend to skip very long threads and things get buried, that was the other reason I didn;t default to merge this in as I hope you’ll get a helpful reply.

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Thank you for your answer Lady Eva, and I must say that I am not Amazon employee or anything, just the experience with the site in a few years to the date. So it is not the “Amazon’s official disclaimer”, and anybody could contact the amazon customer service, (I’ve done so sometimes regarding this same issue for other books) and the answer was that, and even some authors state this same kind of info in their respective contact media so their readers could be with the knowledge and be aware to download the e-books.

And regarding the other issue, I will think about some possible ways to try to identify those gem’s post’s (any post is important, and sometimes for more than the writer of the post) but those post’s that have really general useful information, enough to be valued as having the merit to be read if somebody is looking for some specific point or issue.


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