When magick doesn't go your way

There are two reasons why one’s magick fails: one, because the individual has blockers stopping them and causing disruption in the work. Two, when you’ve completely missed the track altogether. When you intend to do something, that thing aught to come to pass. Things which you do not intend, aught not come to pass during your workings. But with magick we don’t always get the outcome we wanted, why?

Blockers can clog and jam our magickal system causing failure in our work. Guilt and shame are two principle blockers that can inhibit magickal work. All self destruction and self sabotage is rooted in guilt or shame. Many people think fear is a blocker but fear empowers you after you overcome it. Guilt and shame can create embedded complexi within us that manifest during our workings. Because magick ia primarily about manifesting your will, when you have an embedded complex, that complex can intentionally disturb you sometimes even manifesting ‘sleeper personalities’. Sleeper personalities are like alternate personalities created by part of our self having been split from itself due to guilt or shame. Guilt and shame can cause you to feel like you deserve failure. This is why many people are attacked by their own energy during strange experiences and can also cause self betrayal in your magickal workings.

The second issue many magickians face is actuating the appropriate correspondents of one’s self and also understanding the proper procedure. If you have issues in your magickal work then you must ask yourself, are you properly attuned for the work? Also, are you performing thw procedure correctly? Many magickal works initiate mind/emotion complex sequences. As we use our will and follow the steps, we follow along in our minds as well as in the physical. In some parts the inner being more important and centered in than the physical but the physical is the root because all these experiences are housed and caused by our body.

Now I’ll end this with a question only a very small % of people will grasp the true depth of. Which came first, the body(form) or will?


@BlackFlameEmissari Will Came First, in my opinion. It took Will to Manifest the spirit of everything and it took the Will of Everything to manifest its form

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Will is an interesting term. What the word will attempts to describe is a complex thing. It’s like action itself but in a state of happening rather than being more like a substance or an object. Sometimes people describe will as though we have a reservoir or usable volume of it. I see will and form being separate but joined together. One without the other would mean it’s dead. But when they are joined there is life.

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