When did you have your first succses?


Just out of curiosity, how long did it take for you to have your first succsesful evocation/divination/spell?


On my first try with each of those I was successful. Evocation and Divination are consistently successful, but spellcraft is often hit or miss.

I can’t remember far back enough to give stats about evocation and soul-travel, but I remember feeling presences and knowing I was heard during soul-travel for quite a while before getting actual responses, it was like the half-attention a mum gives her kid when she’s actually talking to another adult, don’t know if you remember that from your own childhood - you know you’re kind of in their awareness, but it’s not 1-2-1.

Spells, they were a simple “pass/fail” binary deal right from the start, and that was very young, it seems to relate to the “tide in the affairs of men” whereby one person may have it coming for a lot of reasons, maybe they crossed some Divine archetype that’s just looking for a way to get them, in other cases nothing worked but eventually I’d find out why.