When broke: things to make a poppet with?

What can you make a poppet with when completely broke?

Having no clay
No sewing equipment


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The obvious of course

Paper and masking/cello tape instead of ribbons hmm
Um gluestick good old glue stick should do the job

I got it thanks :sweat_smile::blush:

Why didn’t I think of that.

Probably because we over complicate everything in life, but particularly the occult. Good luck.

Yes it can happen sometimes there are so many ways to do the same thing I believe sometimes

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There are so many types of magick we can use basically to achieve the same thing

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Hi Moonlight, I’m showing these two puppets I’m using right now. One is made of paper and the other black one which is made from a square shaped piece of fabric. Could give you some ideas.


Thanks Xendrath

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You’re welcome. By the way, neither of them use glue. Only threads to keep them together. In the white paper one I used white thread to give it shape. The red string is just part of a work I’m doing, but not part of the puppet itself.

In the black one, the red string is part of the puppet and was used to shape the piece of fabric into head, arms and legs.

If you don’t like them or their vibe that’s perfectly understandable. :slight_smile:


Worst comes to worst, here’s an idea.

A little piece of paper that has your name or a sigil that identifies you. Roll it up into a tiny roll, make a loose knot to tie it closed with hair. Or just use normal string or twine and dab body fluids onto the paper (blood, semen, spit whatever)

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What exactly are you attempting to achieve

The black one in particular seems rather rough. Is it of a Bound Female by chance? No need to answer if you dont want. Just curious.

Branches, sticks. Soda pop plastics, ust wash add arms legs etc baptize

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Straws, any kind you can find around, or sticks and straws, other plants. If you have flour, water and salt you can make playdough or you can bake/dry popet from dough. Any old clean cotton t-shirts (or other pieces of cloths, you can cut them into stripes, or just fold them, or check on YT other ways of doing poppets) and you do not need to sew them.

Check #motanka #slavicdoll this is a whole complex idea of making and using dollies to any purpouse as talismans or fetishes

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Don’t forget about food especially flour. Look up recipes for hardtack biscuits/crackers. Unless you live on a ship with a rat infestation, you’ll be good. You can mold that crap into just anything and with the baking process infuse your intent using all 4 elements with food representing the earth element.

Also, for baneful stuff potatoes, fruits, etc as poppets and use the decay and rot as a catalyst to build and/or release intent


Salt dough – like the kind you make homemade ornaments with. Made with common food staples.