When Banishment Fails: Three Reasons Why

Okay, we talk quite a bit about the importance of banishment, especially when it comes to evocation and spiritual hygiene in general. However, like any other form of magic, there are times when banishment fails. This can be heartbreaking, especially when one finds themselves in an unpleasant position. I know this because I have been there myself. So, I decided it is important for me to write on this issue in particular.

There will be one part that may be hard to swallow, but it is important for me to point out. So, without further delay, let’s begin:

1.) The form of banishment is not a good fit for the individual. There are literally hundreds of different banishment rituals out there. Some are deeply rooted in a particular culture, some are more secular (for the lack of a better word). It is important to note this because magic begins with the mind. If certain elements (mainly symbols) do not trigger a sense of importance to the individual, it will be harder to make it useful for the individual. This can take time to develope if you are immersing yourself into a particular system, as it is something you are not used to. This is where altering practices to suit your purposes can be very benefical. While the historical techniques are powerful (as there are a reason they still are used), ultimately mastering magic revolves around the idea of making it your own as you see fit, as long as they bring the results you desire. Studying multiple forms of banishment is not a bad idea either, as it can bring inspiration for new work.

I consider involving spirits as a style in itself. Sometimes work being done both from an internal source (you) and an external one (a spirit) can be helpful (but not always).

2.) Viewing banishment as the one solution to the problem. Many issues in life are multifaceted that require many smaller actions to solve as opposed to one big one. I view banishment as one of those smaller steps. It clears the space/individual and creates a blank slate. However, if there is something internal or deep rooted in tne individual that is the source of the problem, one will likely find themselves right back into the same situation. This is where layered work is important. For example, if I needed to remove a particular individual’s influence due to a certain behavior, I would bind them from that action and then banish ( or vice versa). Combinations, while they take time to learn how to do so they work in harmony, are very powerful because they break down the bigger problem by addressing the smaller components. Treat banishment as one of those smaller actions to build the solution, not the solution in its entirety.

3.) The mindset of the individual does not matched the action. This is the point that is going to be hard to swallow, as it involves responsibility from said individual in terms of their mind. This was one of the most difficult challenges I personallg had to face walking down this path. Like i said previously, magic begins with the mind and there are individuals who, for whatever reason, believe that they deserve the worst in life. This is usually the result of trauma from abuse (physical, emotion or spiritual). This mindset can uproot the will behind the banishment, causing it to fail.

If you fall into this category, I wish I had an easy solution to address it like I do the other two. For me, it took years of shadow work (where you are facing the memories of the past and acknowledging that they occurred instead of burying them), cord cutting (separating myself from being overpowered by the past, letting them go after accepting they happened), and reprogramming (where you change your mindset through things such as affirmations to gradually shift how your mind works over time). Some individuals may find they can do this one their own, some may need something like therapy to help through that process. It is case by case scenario, one where you need to be honest with yourself to determine what is right for you. Azrael was especially helpful during this process when i went through it.

At the end of the day, failures are going to happen with magic. Not everything will work out and it can be a harsh feeling afterwards. The important thing is to learn from those mistakes, which often helps to learn about yourself in the process. Situations are going to likely require creative solutions, which failures can help to develope over time (hence why it is important to record your failures just as much as it is important for your successes). I hope this helps to stimulate the brain a bit when you find yourself in these situations, as you are only truly defeated when you refuse to get back up when life knocks you down.


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Okay, we talk quite a bit about the importance of banishment, especially when it comes to evocation and spiritual hygiene in general.

Yeah, but who could be bothered? Just get into invocation straight away! Why waste time with banishing when you can learn banishing later on, in case you ever need it?

And I intend to use the term ‘spiritual hygiene’ in everyday conversation.