When a goddess weeps

It takes alot to break me. I’ve stood against attacks. I’ve fought an ex husband. I’ve dealt with childhood abuse. I’ve lost the only person other than my children that I truly loved.

But how much can anyone take. To loose my gecko my sweet leopard gecko was just more than I can take.

Over worked working 10 days straight … I can do that. Help watch nephews 4 days a week on top of my own work schedule , I can do that.

Stay in a house with no heat ok. Two busted out windows ok.
My trucks transmission went out ok…only first and second gear ok.

Work through having diabetes and having anemia ok I’m tired as hell but I push through it.

Go to work and my favorite ink pen that I hid so I will have it is gone. And I flip the fuck out. Talking five year old temper tantrum from hell.

And then all you can do is cry because you realize something has got to fucking give.

Some will say this is an attack but I honestly don’t care because if it is they didn’t have the brass balls to come to my face with it. And either way I will find out.

I think this is more that when a woman loves she loves for real.
And she loves so strong that she let’s everything else go to help everyone else out. To be the strong tower.

But sometimes even our hearts break and losing Spike totally broke me.

But I’m still strong and will fight this out. Trust and believe


Xo … I’ve seen some kitties go over the past decade, mixed blessings though, memories at least. I admire you … You’ve been through some shit.


Much love to you Arianna.

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^ Same here, sending a cyber hug. :heart:


That’s awful. Condolences on the passing of your gecko. :cry:


Rereading this … Per the title, its a beautiful post. Some Gods and Goddesses have experienced love and loss and sorrow, but one card past sorrow is rest :slight_smile:


I’m sorry Arianna.


Even the gods bleed. A difference between a mere mortal and a god is that a god always recuperates.

This is not just a quote by me, but also by some of the spirits by my side.

Stay strong.


Sending you massive mojo…