Whelp... it worked!


I had my first success in getting in touch with a demon and getting stuff done.

A couple of weeks ago I invoked Orias to help with a little something, that something being that I didn’t want to spend the dinner in December, 31, with a very specific individual.

There was no way out of it, to be honest. Fucker even was going to invade MY house. Today someone confirmed it to me that this individual isn’t coming, for issues related to his own family (nobody died, someone complained, that’s all).

I probably should wait until December 31 to say it, but I’m too happy to not tell you, my dear people.

Now… I should give an offering to Orias. I invoked him again to see what would be good, but he wasn’t very communicative. And my senses keep being shit.

I know there is a thread to thank spirits, but I wanted to do another so I can ask for offering ideas. I was thinking a glass of good ol’ scotch, since that’s the best think I have to offer.