What's your opinion on emoji spells?

I’ve been seeing these all over Tumblr lately and I’ve never seen or heard of them before so I’m curious what you guys think! In case you don’t know what I’m talking about: I found an emoji spell on Tumblr for good sleep, :crescent_moon::sparkles::waxing_crescent_moon::star:️:sleeping::star:️:waxing_crescent_moon::sparkles::crescent_moon: and it says you’re supposed to like the post to charge the spell and then reblog it to cast it. Do you think these spells would work as well as any other spell?

Its bs chain mail… Just trying to get likes and reblogs


yeah that’s what i’m kinda thinking as well lol

This doesn’t look like anything but a teens text messages to me… Nor does it feel like much


Yeah I’m gonna say bs as well

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reminds me of one of those infomercial products; scam artists / businessmen coming up with a “cool new idea that’ll save you time and effort!” but it’s actually a useless product and they’re only doing it for profits, in this case the profits are Tumblr “notes” o3o

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Looks like the spell crafting equivalent of a sugar pill. Cute.


You might get a bit of a placebo effect but I doubt it’s anything more than chain mail.


You can charge words and then when you speak have it influence others. It may work if you raise enough energy

Words are vibrational patterns. They are physical. Emojis arent

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Emojis are representations of emotions which is mental movement.

Touché :joy:

I wasnt meaning they couldn’t be charge. They can, just take as much energy as a spell to use em like this


Surprised by the answers. According to Chaos Magick philosophy, potentially ANYTHING can be a spell. A spell is one when believed as such by the practitioner.

These emoji spells don’t seem more silly than 90% of spells you can find on books.

I believe these thingy can hold power, depending how they are used and how many people believe into them. And to me they are just sigils.
Time and history has proven that people can throw in silly random things in a magick working and still get results.

I think it’s fairly time to let technology brings its own form of magick.


Of course you can use emojis in magic. Here’s a quick example of a sigil I just made with emoji symbols to it:


Just like traditional symbols, like these…

…an emoji is pretty much a modern, expressive, symbolism just as much as the Pagan symbols of the Old Days.

The potency of symbols, lies within understanding the meaning of the symbol being added to the sigil. Wether the symbol is traditional or modern, doesn’t matter.


Well said. As I pointed out, they are basically sigils.

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Haha welcome cyber bit magicians to the stage!

With technology as it is and how it’s growing a new wave like that would be wild!
It sounds like such a concept but the execution would be something for the technological advanced
Perhaps a fun idea to explore one day


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So, if you are using the emoji as a sigil, that’s one thing. You have some idea of its meaning, the energies, forces, and places connected to it, etc. If you are copying it from the ‘Net because somebody says it was magic, well that’s another thing.


I may sound like a geezer but I think it’s stupid as fuck lol. I’ll stick to evocation and candle magick.


Let’s try this emoji spell :joy::gun:

I’m sorry that was poor taste