Whats your method of banishing?


I am not asking how to, but i am curious about peoples different ways you banish energies or entities.


I use material from the 4 elements, charged with verses from different holy scriptures, and assistance of high-level spirits and their sigils, ones who has authority over the negative energy/spirits I’m dealing with. I may use incense if needed.

During all that, must notice any changes in people’s behavior. If “any” change occurred then it’s possible that a spirit attached itself to that person and hiding inside the body, using his/her spirit as a shield ( they can do that to some people ). They basically try to “play dead” until the cleansing is done, then they come back days, weeks or months later. If this is the case, I stop everything, deal with that spirit first, then continue.


I generally use Jason Miller’s Hecate Banishing, from his book Protection and Reversal Magick. That, combined with the shielding of my Higher Self seems to work for me.

Currently, though, I am using the Circle of Power from Damon Brand’s book Archangels of Magick, which is a sort of watered Invocation of the Watchtowers from the LBRP.


Usually I would cleanse with white sage whole apartment then perform this.
Works wonders for me.


I use a charged mantra.


Star Ruby