What's up with the tiny moth's?

I see this tiny moths around my altar where I summon azazel and lucifer, they keep flying throughout the day. This was odd because moths in my house were common but I have never seen them flying around altar before evoking lucifer and azazel. Did anyone notice this too? Any possible explanation?




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Basically they’re telling you .youre in for a rollercoaster ride.not an actual physical death though

They could be attracted to candles if they’re lit, or the scent of something you place on the altar.

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Moths are messengers of the spirit world. Te spirits are telling you you’re about to look for the light within and thus process will involve a lot of letting go and dying. That’s what happened to me

I’ve noticed creatures of all kinds are attracted to these things my cats would only go into my room (basement) if I was doing a ritual or had just done one one time the cat scared me because he litteraly shoved his tail up my a$& :joy: while I was chanting and I didn’t know my cat was there lol :joy:

I never use candles. They were banned where I live.

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Yep. Tiny moths. I had one in my room for months. It’s only when I practice regularly when I see it. It’s always just one.

Moths carry knowledge on their wings, try reqching out to one and see if you cant connect to it

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I googled it, and it appears that moths in particular are symbolic of fire and seeking one’s destiny. That definitely seems to correspond with the energies of Azazel, self-actualization and the element of fire.

But also, different moths have different meanings. This explains what different colors of moths represent.

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