What's the right way to communicate with King Paimon?

Hey minna san. So, I just wanna ask, does living with a Christian parent hinder demons from reaching out to you? I currently live with my mom and she’s a heavy Pentecostal Christian. A moment don’t go by without hearing her shouting prayers to the high heavens​:confounded::joy:. I’ve been trying to communicate with King Paimon but still, after so many months, no progress. What exactly am I doing wrong? Thanks :blush:

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You should try pathworking. So instead of trying to evoke or summon the daemon this method will take u to where the daemon resides

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Can u pls enlighten me on this? Thanks

I highly suggest purchasing “Lucifer & the hidden demons” it’s in the kindle store !

Summoning him is a good way to go, as long as you have opened your astral senses.

Don’t waste time trying to communicate with these entities: learn to be still in the moment first. I mean, if such communication flows easily, it’s fine but don’t beat yourself up over it unless your real goal is the communication and not something else.

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