What's the origin of sigils?

What’s the origin of sigil’s and why do they work?

I ask this because, I’ve doing sigil magick (Chaos Magick) and I instantly feel it, I’m just hovering my finger over it and my fingers are flickering, like lightening veins, I also feel heat, Its enjoyable to feel.

I know people say you need to put Energy into a spell or sigil that you make, and to give it that little push but all I’ve done is drew a picture, basically…I am however using ancient symbols to give it that kick. That’s probably why, right?

I’ve gone of subject a little, when I say what is the origin of sigil’s, I mean the Goetic Demons. Did a demon just come around and said “Here’s my sigil, call me some time.”

I read somewhere that. These symbols are powerful because sacrifices have been done to make them powerful. Is that true?

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Your own faith to them gives the power to them.


You don’t need to make a sacrifice to charge a sigil. Some use sigil representations of deities and their names or a created image. All function like a compressed file of the universal forces which can then be unpacked using various chanting and/or evocation methods.

How or when we’re Sigils first created is unknown but they have been used for centuries.

There is no single, definitive method for designing a sigil which allows you to condense your intentions for ritual work with symbols, words and letters. The important part is that you feel that the symbols or words have power to you.

When you use a sigil created by someone else you’re using a random symbol of someone else’s creation to focus your magical intention. This can still work and be effective but it is not tapping into your mind and your magic in the way a sigil is supposed to work.

The many ways that you can create and use a sigil is up to the magician and your experience and experimentation to focus on your goals and ritual.

The letter elimination method is the simplest way to make a sigil. The more specific the intent the better. Mastering the art of how to make a sigil properly comes with experience. I like working with paper and a pencil that way you can easily make corrections or changes, however you can experiment with other methods. Digital art, paints, collage, ink pens, can all make excellent sigil mediums.

Check out this link for complete details:


Chaos sigils were first created by an obscure British artist named Austin Osman Spare.

No one really knows the true origin of the seals in the Lesser Key of Solomon. However, as with the demonolatry enns, the popular story is that they were given by the spirits themselves, though, if you go by the mythology of Solomon, they were actually given to him by God to facilitate the building of the Temple.

I am inclined to believe they were received in vision, but whether from God, the demons themselves, or the collective unconscious, no one can truly say.


You can charge a sigil by gazing at it

I have heard its just like a phone number to contact the spirits

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Cool, I’ll have a look at it.

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I suppose one could always ask one of the Goetic Demons.

I have always thought it was like dialing a phone number, funny or even a portal.

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Well, that is one way to contact deities, and you don’t really need a sigil to do it.

Do you really think they would admit it if the seals were given by the Christian god to His prophets?

The truth is, the demons will cater to whatever you want to believe about the origin of the seals. As politicians everywhere say, “I neither confirm nor deny.”

Really, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that they work to summon the being to whom the seal belongs. Where they come from is one of those things that is interesting to think about, but ultimately unimportant in the long run.


My experience, the watchers not have seal. Goetia does, now a powerful magician from uk say we not need seals we need power to invoque and get results, another a frech guy pull a long list of seals, and demons, which i believe hes more witchrft, even the ona have a few seals.also another guy who found a grimoire, the demons not haver seals.but demons pictures on it. So i gess depende u stile