Whats the difference in how different “love” demons work?

I think it would feel a bit forced to be honest. My go to would be Sallos or Haniel so long as it’s the right fit for him

Haniel is an Archangel and there’s many ways to evoke either


i didnt see any result with sallos… i need to manipulate that person and change his thoughts…that is very important to me.Please guide me


Sallos paints in broad strokes. The space of years vs just moments. Keep that in mind.

I think you’d do quite well with the mentioned spirits. That and some internal alchemy (some of the best changes come from that sort of work)


Although I’ve never evoked spirits personally, from what I’v been personally reading over the past month, Dantalion seems to be the ideal spirit for changing people’s thoughts. Think of him as a specialist of the mind if you will. But then again, I’v never spoken to him physically so yeah


thank you ! I was thinking to try voodoo…but that seems so complicated.What type of magic have you tried and succeeded?

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Here’s a post that will tell you pretty much as much about him as you’ll probably see on the Internet from what I’ve seen. And personally… I’m practicing from a book called “mastering witchcraft” by Paul Huson and by looking into this forum


Like when I say I’m a newbie, I mean I’m still trying to just get meditation down right lol. I think it has a lot to do with my current living environment though.

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So I have a question, how does all this manifest when you are targeting someone ?

In my case: it seems like I’ve been more active and taking charge and approaching the situation, and getting a response from my target.

Something just tells me to keep going. But I’m no where near the finish line. Does it sometimes work that way ? Where you see changes in your target that are reactions to your actions … and the target never really actually makes the first move ??

I am taking it a step at a time, hopefully by next week I’ll be asking my target out to dinner only then will I know the end result.

Until then evoking away !!!


Often just like that. Most of the best results are about changes in you and less about them. When those two combine though… Amazing things happen


This has been my experience as well. Do the ritual properly + take action in the real world = results. The ritual makes you more “lucky”, so you dont get stuck taking lots of action with no results. Sometimes results even just fall on your lap but I tend to take those as bonuses instead of the main course.

Nice work man, keep updating us on your unholy adventures hahhaha!


Yea it’s been pretty weird,

For e.g. last month I knew my target was going to have some difficulties and I offered my assistance (which they refused) 2 months later. And a Few days after my Libra moon ritual and dantalion ritual we started talking and they opened up to me and were comfortable accepting the same assistance I offered 2 months ago. now I know some of you will think that it’s not right or whatever.

But I knew their position back in January ( when we were together) that April and May they’ll be facing some difficulties, And I was preparing myself since then to be there for them.

Any way, since then we been chatting everyday and it’s been good but still very slow (atleast they respond and are openly talking about their day to day) and actually even making sure they let me know where they are and who they are with.

Keeping positive vibes and hoping for the best.



Confusion lies in where you think your inner voice is telling you to do something, but you don’t know if that’s the spirit telling you or your obsession… lol

After My last dantalion ritual I felt this urge to call my target and they answered and under the assumption it was someone else calling and we had the best conversation in 3 months … lol

So I’m basically just following my intuition and taking action as I go !


This is more helpful to me than you know. Thank you.



  1. Who are the best angels/archangels other than Haniel when it comes to getting laid / no strings attached sex?

I know Haniel is very powerful, but since he’s an archangel, would he actually be willing to help with those things?

  1. How do you think spirits make you get laid? Do they make you super attractive and charismatic that women literally can’t resist you? Or do they change women’s mind and make them think you’re super attractive?

  2. Any experience with the angel Amiel? How were your results?

  3. Do you find that love angels can actually help with online dating too? i.e.: do they make you get a lot of responses from women via dating apps?

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Any opinions on Gaap? Just recently worked with him a few days ago.

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Nope bur Iv made my decision on Sitri. I payed a magician to do the ritual for me


Have you ever worked with Beleth? Would be interested on hearing your take on working with her.


Any thoughts @Norski?

Off hand I know Uriel can help with all matters of Love. Maybe less so for getting random tail.

Iophiel can radically influence beauty so they’re definitely an option.

Yeliel is great over the powers of passionate sex and attracting love. Not who I would call on for nightclub action though I’m also geared towards multiple open (yet very deep) relationships. Consider them for sure.

Spirits will do what you ask even if it’s not your best interest.

They’ll leverage whatever they can. Often Magick is just an engineered coincidence. Some cutie might be bored at work thinking “god I need it right now…” and then influence you to care more about getting action than you care about “rejection” or whatever. It happens through natual means though if it can happen it will.

My “golden eras” tend to accompany a particular mindset where I say more with my eyes than anything else. It’s a strong vibe I put out and you just “know” it’s on with a girl.

They’ll take what’s there to work with and the better tool they have to work with the better. It’s part of why both Sitri and Asmodai both tell me to “go screen!” I’m finding opportunities and they quickly line them up.

I haven’t worked much with Amiel though I’m interested.

I don’t get more responses, I just get better ones. I have a sweet subtle romance exchange with a girl from Morroco I met without trying to. I use Whisper a lot and the amount of girls I’ve pulled from there and forged w connection with is outstanding. Treat this as seriously as you would a business and it’ll happen.

One thing to keep in mind… I asked to become extremely attractive to women and a girl broke my heart which lead to me not eating for a week. 30lbs down later and not putting women on a pedestal = I got sexy


I’ve called on her recently and am letting results unfold. They’re a king so I’d imagine they’re very powerful.