Whats the difference between sitri and zepar?

Whats the difference between sitri and zepar? Both are lust demons or is zepar a love demon as well? Sitri works fast is zepar same?

Somebody made a list of their experience with every demon of lust if you find it you’ll have the answer


Both are lust/love demons. But I think Sitri can show you hidden aspects of the female psyche and physique, i.e. get them naked psychologically and physically. Sitri seems to make fun of women according to the book. Zepar seems to be able to make people impotent/barren as well.
Don’t worry too much about the details. Just do the ritual and go with your experiences–everybody has different experiences. All of it is symbolically real and really symbolic just like your persona.


Zepara or Zepar also has special power over women’s fertility and she or he can make them sterile but that also mean Zepara/Zepar can be called upon to help women conceive whom have fertility issues.