What's the deal?-My Curse

Okay, let me boil this down. All and any potential relationships or people I end up crushing on end in disaster.
My first relationship ended after two weeks. She decided to chase after some other guy and ended up getting cheated on by the same dude but, she did nto come back to me, instead fooled around with another guy and ended up with her best friend. I seek no vengeance for her or anything like that.

My second relationship ended after two days. She said she felt pressured and then a week after told me she never liked me anyway regardless of the flirting we did for an entire month. We even gave each other nicknames.

My best friend-I confessed to her, she said no because she thought she wasn’t mature enough for a relatioship at the time. A year later, she was a bitch to me abd didn’t respect my feelings and in turn, I was a dick to her and didn’t respect how she felt. Inevititably I got over her again and then fell for her again and got over her again. It’s a cycle you know. I still care for her but as a best friend.

My Turkish friend-everytime I developed feelings for her, she’d end up in a relationship or the moment I would tell her how I felt, she’d say she wasn’t ready yet and that it just wasn’t the right time yet because well, she was in fact going through a lot-home life wise, mental health wise etc.

So, now we come to the most recent one. I develop a crush on one of my classmates for no other reason than she was doing that thing girls do when they want a guy to notice them. Glaring at me then darting her eyes away. So, I do the same thing to her and start smiling at her to be friendly you know. To show I’m interested and also that I want to get to know her better rather than you know, showing a general disinterest. What happened earlier today was simple. Her friends asked me whether or not I had a crush on her and me knowing it would only go to her if I told them, denied it. As to be expected, they told me she didn’t like me and found my friendliness and gazing back at her to be creepy and makes her uncomfortable.

So then, am I cursed? Or riddled with bad luck. And it’s not because I lack confidence, I am confident. Hence why I tried to return the same signs and be friendly rather than showing disinterest. How long has this been happening to me for you might ask? Five years. Only got my first kiss three years ago when I was 15 and still haven’t had sex yet(cept for spiritual sex :wink: )

And on a lesser note-I was a regular here for a while had the role and everything but I spent too much time away from the forum due to well house moving and family life

Cernunnos might’ve been onto something when he mentioned knowing thyself in the TMW thread when you mentioned this there.

You said yourself you denied having the crush to her friends after telling us you essentially did. Why not be honest there? It may have helped your cause. Denying it likely made them just wonder why you would stare at her and smile.


Well in a high school dynamic the one thing you don’t want to do is tell their friends you have a crush on them because hearsay gets spread down further and further but yeah. HAd to tell them its because of how I act in general. Because I do stare at others as well, I’m just more covert with it and I always smile at people I know until I’ve gotten to know them a lot better

You aren’t cursed you are in high school, everything is a game when your that age and everyone is embarrassed to like anyone.

I didnt really date in high school and it took me moving on my own to discover that I was attractive and many people wanted to date me.


I wouldn’t say your cursed maybe a little to hopeful from the other sex or what not but not cursed. Just stop looking for love and let it find you, it’s like that favorite pen you lose you’ll search for it and search for it but never find it, then once you stop looking boom there it is all along in plain sight. Just live your life and have fun doing it.


Hello @Mani

I’d only say that whenever you like someone and her/his friends ask you if you like him/her - please do not deny. It is the easiest way to lose. And there’s no curse involved in this situation. You have created it by yourself. Of course you could always go and talk to your classmate and tell him/her that if have been confused, shy or whatever and did not tell the truth.
Other than that - there are plenty of angels, spirits and demons you could ask to help you find your soulmate, intimate partner etc. Me personally I prefer angels for love works but it is up to you. Good luck!

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