What's the craziest financial boon you received?

Out of blatant curiosity, as you well know I have endless amounts of, what is the “craziest” financial gift you recieved from either Spellwork or a specific dark Lord / demon / spirit / etc.?

This can be “crazy” as in a whopping amount or “crazy” based upon how quick it was. Really it’s based upon your perspective and doesn’t necessarily need to be a large amount to be an incredible experience, but those sure are fun to hear about too!

I’m just interested, as I was curious if anyone ever experienced similar to me. For instance, I’d asked for $4,000 once to ensure that I was financially prepared for something in my life. I recieved it in under two months!

I asked for $2,000 once for a personal goal of mine, and am now positive I’m going to recieve double that amount by the middle of next month based upon life occurrences that have been paved with gold in my honor.

Please, share your financial blessings if you feel comfortable doing so. Sometimes, it’s okay to brag, as I feel that those who helped us enjoy as much praise as they can get!

Plus it’s just nice to hear peoples stories, simple or complex. :3

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I’ve got a new development company. and being drawn into it as a founder. It happened 1,5 months ago.

Thank You Lord Krishna :peacock::eye::prayer_beads:
When I meant I need a little money to my future plans, I didn’t meant this huge amount of money.

You were always generous and fast. :black_heart::pray:


I was homeless and working with Azazel got me to excel from an absolute beginner in my career in a few short years time in which I got to an average yearly income with a consistent flow of clients. A year ago I began working with Belial and I have since doubled my income. No insane numbers by anyones standards but if the average artist is ‘starving’ the fact that I can live on art alone is pretty incredible.


Living off of a passion is always something worthwhile to aim for, for sure.

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I remember years ago When I was jobless for 8 months I read the book “think and grow rich” applied all the workings , got a job after 2 months and within a year my bank account went from minus to $15000 just in savings ! I used to say “just don’t know what to do with all this money”:joy:

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Having my mans student loan debt cut into half all of a sudden. He had over 8000 bucks to pay and we received a letter a few months before they were due. It stated that he had to pay 4000 € for whatever reason. I kinda cried when we transferred the whole amount by the end of October this year because it means that he is debt free. I couldn’t sleep for several nights thinking about paying back 8000 in a kinda vulnerable financial situation (we moved shortly after the letter arrived and my man decided to step back from his job for a few months so he could take care of other things, leaving me as the only breadwinner). I am 100% sure that Bune did her crazy thing although she never openly claimed it.

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I found a quarter once when I really needed it. That later changed to ones, fives and so on.

This came about by me asking myself, “Why do I always find the stupidest things and not something useful like money?” Then I started finding money. Now I keep finding money.

I’ve even tried returning money when there’s people close by who could’ve dropped it and they would refuse to take it. Such a strange universe we’re living in.