Whats the connection between Samael and Baphomet

On the forum I was recommended to work with Samael for this athame I’m working on.
Now I’m seeing Samael’s name pretty much everywhere and I felt his presence the other night.

I looked at some artist depictions of Samael and he looks an awful lot like Baphomet are they the same being?


No Samael is the destructive mask of lucifer, never even heard of them being connected, I suppose the possibility they might have some connection but I definitely wouldn’t say they are the same being.


Alright, thank you.

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Don’t mention it.


IMO, no. Baphomet has a more intense dualistic energy and Samael seems to have a more introspective watery energy. I also don’t view Samael as a Horned God because his connection to other Horned Gods is basically a manner of being an evil spirit. He lacks some defining qualities of the archetype.

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I would say the horned god connection is once again through lucifer, since Pan is the horned god and he as well as Samael are masks of Lucifer.


In early western occult literature Baphomet and Satan were considered to look the same. And due to a lot of bad translations and other misrepresentations people just lumped them together.

Pan and Samael are very masculine.Baphomet has attributes of both sexes and is considered a whole representation of wisdom both male and female. So they are different in that way.

I have seen in Luciferianism that Samael represents male wisdom and Lilith female wisdom. So if you studied with both of them you could become like Baphomet.

Samael represents mars and weaponry so he would be a very good choice for creating and consecrating weapons. And using them in spiritual warfare.