What's the best way to truly find myself?

So, I was thinking to myself that there’s so much about myself that I honestly have no clue about, I want to learn the truths of myself that lay within me, but I’m not sure what to do to find these things out, I know there’s a lot of steps, so where should I start?

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Self introspection and shadow work.

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This plus experience.

TBH one of the more powerful ways of unpacking what I had in me was making music and getting to the bottom of what worked for me and why.

Psychedelics, ritual work, meditation on qabalistic correspondences and tarot cards, etc. can help too but you’ll learn the most when you find core features that you didn’t realize were there.

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Sample the great philosophers. See who is talking about things you relate to, then look at their work. You’re likely to encounter symbols and metaphors that have been used by your favorite artists.

That might help you narrow it down, and you’ll pickup some good conversation material.

Study the Holy Qabalah under the guidance of Master Therion, but never forget that the true master is Azazel