What's the best way to manifest reality?

There are methods and methods, and some of them even are against the others, so what’s the best between these and beyond these?
• Putting so much emotion in magick that you don’t even care about your results when you’re done
• Having a reversed expectation but secretly knowing that what you desire is going to manifest
• Concentrating about the results all the time til they manifest.


All of these could work depending on the individual and the technique of the actual working. Depending on what you want to manifest certain techniques will be more fitting than others but there are certain prerequisites to each technique and to effective magick on certain levels in general. Experience and practice is the best teacher here. In general you want to have control and mastery of your thoughts and emotions before trying to manifest anything or at the very least have control and mastery of them in that instance and enough restraint to keep them in check after to not interfere with what has been sent out.

The best methods I find depend on whether you want a solely mental, astral or physical result.
If you are going solely mental then you do not have to worry about strong accumulations of energy but you must carefully manage your emotions and thoughts to properly impress your desire on the mental essence you draw to you and send out to realize the goal.

If you want astral you must form the mental form of the desire as well and bind it to the astral energy of desire which will be either universal energy or a specific type of appropriate energy.

Likewise for physical you must impress the mental with thoughts and intention, the astral with purpose or the emotion of what you want but also have to weight it down until you feel it as an almost physical presence and tell it specifically to manifest physically as well.

So if you break your desire down to what level it has to effect you can limit the efforts to where they will be most effective and know how you have to program it to work properly.

There are different ways to employ techniques for each level of manifestations and some methods of applying your thoughts and emotions to intent are appropriate in some techniques and others not so much.


Try sigils and sigilisation perhaps.



This isn’t Magick based,
but i think it helps a lot with understanding mechanics. :wink:

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You should really watch frater xavier’s youtube channel. He breaks down magick in a perfect sequence.


Do you mean that one? xD

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Thats the one. The first video is bullshit so dont worry about it. The rest will give you everyyyyything you need to know about magick

This article explains in details who structuring, visualization method for manifestation works. The writer is LEGIT.


Yeah so true, you will get to know myths and misconceptions.
But he focus more upon hermetics

But hermetic principles are so accurate. Its important to know them. I am not a hermetic practitioner but in a way, we all are.


Yeah that’s true. We do use in magic, but they are more powerful than we think and it helps.

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thanks for putting thia here I did thia meditation that i found thru that article https://www.ishashoppe.com/downloads/portfolio/power-to-create-success/

and it was pretty amazing to say the least. i haven’t done any Indian type of fast breathing meditations before but this seemed to work well. I did all the visualizations and actually felt happy at the end of the meditation. usually I will feel relaxed but not this overall happy.

my fingertips where you pit ypur pointer figure and index finger together wetr vibrating immensely which hasn"t happenes to me before in meditation.

I could litterally feel the energy flowing off them it was great.

ita a free download or free liaten. just put in you want to pay 0 dollars and it’s free. if any of you try it lmk what you think

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