What's Raphael's sigil? I don't know which one is real!

Alright so my father came down with some sort of spinal condition.
He had back problems before, but today when I saw him he was lieing
down in bed, he’s dizzy and has migranes. He can’t seek to walk either.

I’m very worried. I need Raphael’s actual sigil please. I found a ton, but
I don’t know which is which.

That sigil will work if you can feel a connection to it, there are many sigils find one that resonates with you and push your intention and desires into it. Like any other ritual you’ll need to divorce yourself from attachment to results and trust that the ritual is already working.

Thanks Again lol. TWF, I’m starting
to like you more lol. * no homo*

this one :

or the Seal :

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^^^^^^^^^^this is MICHAEL’S sigil…(the first pic.)

This one Is his sigil???

Looks very similar to Sammael’s sigil.

The left one is Raphael’s sigil: