What's in a name

In examining names of Enkis gods versus Michael’s or whoever is leading that team…I see vast name differences. The …iel or …ael at name ends of the non-Enki side.

I’m going through a dictionary of demon names.

What are your thoughts on this…a good method to differentiate when listing?

For instance, one “infernal Prince, Dorochiel”. Not encountered that name before to discern if he is part of Enkis team or not.


Alot of it depends on the evolution of that language. For example if you trace back connections between the norse and vedic gods you will find Lindquist connections that also line up with alot of the various gods. But if you tried that with for example vedic and sumerian it doesn’t work out so well because they have a different type of language root.

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I know. It just makes it a bit of a hassle. I suppose if we knew all of their truest names in their own language it would help.

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It’s interesting to see so many more names not shown in just goetia. I’m going to buy this book. But I’m going to include all these names on my site.