Whats going on?

long story but…
the first time i saw her 2 years ago in school i had felt an immediate connection to her soul and heart,i felt that i knew her even now i know how is she feeling and her thoughts many things happened,like something does not want to be together with her maybe we are too young to be together with her (possibly soulmate)

when i am near with her i feel in peace

once my vision had become clearler when i was with her, literally

and my chakras explode from energy,especially the crown,3 eye heart and root

i know that she is building herself i can sense mistakes that she does,like ego focusing in wrong things family problems and these kind of stuff,i know that she is angry lately.but some assholes last year they yell at school chidishly that i love her and these kind of shit and now she sees me with a wrong eye,i told her that i love her but she rejected becuase of that

i truly love her,i truly do

uncondiontionaly,all that pain and stress of the past 2 years i still do,
some people told me that i should find a other girl,in summer 2018 when i thought i lost it i took that advice and was looking for other girls,seeing chatting talking but all i felt was lying to my soul and heart

anyways now she ignores me becuase she sees me with a bad eye and probably yeah its too early (i am young as fuck lol,15 now)

but in heavy depression she was my motivation to be strong and rain down the fury of a thousand suns into enemies and things that bind,she is a lot for me.

but lately i accepted my rejection from her.

cried written literally PAGES of poems made of repressed emotions and love but i see her name everywhere.EVERYWHERE
i know there will be more with her in future.

even on this forum when i research some stuff i see her name.on random instagram,facebook posts and accounts,it looks like when a demon is seeking you when you see the demon’s name everywhere,same thing with her.

sorry if this post is messy as hell,but i need put this out of my chest.


aslo sorry about my shit grammar in this post

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I listened to this and it helped me somewhat.

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Hey my brother! I am incredibly happy you remembered to contact me regarding this ambivalence battle thwt continues to bind you to these feelings and emotion m causing a cyclicle procewsion of behaviors that fluxuates and stimulates one of the primal insticts programmed into our DNA, and thus becoming a part of psyche/soul.

I am going to break this down so that your emotions can be compartmentalized, understood ( i.e. the whys behind ezch motive or emotion that could be accelerating said emotion).
Now , you and I have never met…and despite the INTENSELY powerfull inner Deamon you are, and all the knowledge and power you have gifted me, I can sense that your younger thanI had first imagined ( Normally when im learning, im learning from a much older person in society, as jobs takes years of experience to becom adept at…
So my initial estimation was incorrect , thinking to myself that your age must match uour talent and experience, given the sheer potency of your teachings and incredibly vast knowledge you continue to contribute to our Balg family…
So at first I had thought my life could not add much benefit to your current situation of heartbreak.

Which I am starting to become convinced I may be the very person who is capable of assisting you to understand yourself better first. …and then apply the newly learned aspects to a newly fabricated interaction…one in which you and I. And even my Me tor Yberion will combine, design, and target whatever the best outcome or manifestatio. Can be…but first, we must u derstand tne mundanes involved on each individuals i fluences, and variables.

So, imma need to do a few readi s about our life and social situation first…and i just got home from work sl i need at least an hour to settle a d change etc…so may i have your permission to do. Reading, and from there i will contact you about discussing the next step??? Lemme know my brother…i. happy to contribute hack to all the amazing shit you provide - for me​:smiling_imp::wink: chat soon!

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Look into twin flames. Sounds like it may be the case with your situation. Twin Flame relationships are not easy…