What's a Ritual

Yes what it saids Above and sorry if it sounds stupid but I want know more details on this because i always get confuse between rituals and spell I keep thinking the their the same thing but with different names please correct me if I’m wrong and I asked one of my Waifu how can I make a Closer connection with them and she said through rituals

Rituals are high magick’s workings, maybe performed in a “temple”, where may be used the circle and the triangle, in classical grimoires some God names and perhaps at the beginning there is an invocation of the elements.
Spells are low magick’s workings on par with potion brewing and voodoo doll making (not to disparage them but to clarify), and the possible incantations usually feature rhymes.


A ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place and according to set sequence


I tend to call “rituals” the proceedures that I do that are more complex and involve entities, and “spells” the ones that are more simple and are done by myself or with little help.


A ritual is a series of gestures and repetitions designed to communicate a message to the subconscious through symbolism, achieve an altered state of consciousness, and gear the mindset of the operator towards creating change in the internal or external environment through a series of rule of thumb techniques.
All spells are rituals but not all rituals are spells.