Whats a good Language for custom Sigils

So I’m still pretty new to sigil work and want to increase my knowledge in that frame i combine the methods and symbols for multiple different variations of magic but haven’t been able to really find a language that i want to use thats easy to translate to English but obscure to those that don’t know what it is. Whats a good Language for me to use or alphabet for my Sigil work??? Also Can i add Sigils from goetia entities to my sigils to help add to the out come of what i want?

Hebrew… or enochian… but they’re not easy.

Good != easy most of the time

I was thinking about both of those also Enochian is a bit easy to me but also wanted to see if people brought up something i haven’t heard of before so i sends me down on the path of research. I might layer the Sigil with one language and then write the samething out in another language to put in another circle bellow or above the previous.

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Coptic would be fun it’s modern Egyptian.

The mention of Egypt makes me think of Ancient cultures, so I’m thinking maybe Tibetan or even some form of Hindi. Also Chinese and Japanese Deserve Mention but i won’t do Japanese because most the languages from there are pretty known.

Egyptian predates Sanskrit.

Enochian closely resembles Sanskrit so it’s said it would predate Sanskrit as well.

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So maybe i should just cave in and use Enochian then for this sigil I’m making.

I have a copy of what’s supposed to be the demonic version of enochian somewhere that I still need to read, I’ll tag you someday when I get to it.

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That would be handy because I’m working heavily with the goetia Spirits to achieve Physical Transformations so anything that helps connect me to them but i really don’t consider them demons either and consider them forgotten Deities from multiple cultures.

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