Whatever happened to DK The Mage?

Hey All,

Has anyone heard from DK The Mage recently? His posts are always informative and entertaining but I haven’t seen anything new from him in a while. Has he left the forum?

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Hmmmm…I don’t know my man. I miss him too! He has ALWAYS been helpful to me in PM, and in the PForum has been spot on!

I was wondering the same about Tiberius_James too? Both good men. I hope to the Juduo-Christian GOD that the Right-Wing Christian fundamentalists didn’t get a hold of them.


Yea he seemed like a really informed and nice dude! Hope the greys didnt grab him with the anal probes and such!

Yeah, DK is an awesome guy. Hopefully he will show up again at some point as many people really enjoyed his posts. Tiberius James is still alive and kicking and doing a tarot reading for my partner this weekend. Dude is pretty amazingly accurate with tarot. I’ll try to get him posting again as I think he was just taking a break from the online world.

I talked to TJ this morning…I swear every time I talk to that guy he blows my fucking mind. I hope he’ll try to write a book one day. I’ll mention it next time I pester him.

I never got around to talking wih DK (was too busy lurking and reading old threads then) but if his posts were any indication of where a conversation could go he’d be right up there with TJ. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for a conversation between those two.

DK if you read this quit being so busy advancing yourself and waste some time with us.

DK is alive and kicking.