What would you want to see in a grimoire?

As some of you may know I’m working on a grimoire, from demonic workings to angelic, to dark gods of the outer rim, meditations, astral senses, auric exercises, chakra exercises, spiritual expansion of the consciousness.
Pacts anf Evocation you name it really.

So if you were to want certain topics to be covered in a up and coming grimoire what would they be ?.




I think this depends on your target audience. Im a beginner and personally ask myself often how things should / could feel in chakrawork especcially. Should it tingle on the scin should it burn? Things like that.

Also i think a list of items needed at the beginning is really helpful. Preparing it beforehand instead of stopping in the middle to get an item feels better.

Those are just small things. Topics to cover in depht are tricky and depend on personal interest. I think just write about the things you are most passionate about.
If i can think of something more specific ill write it down later.

Good look with your grimoire.


Me personally, more material about vampirism

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^ This along with the Shapeshifting stuff you were working on, Necromancy, and Astral Magick.

Will this include Kundalini exercises as well?

Would you elaborate?


Yeah a method of rising the kunda force called breathing the breath of the dragon. A new and completely different and quick method to rising one’s own kunda.

Spiritual expansion - This is the technique of tapping into a specific layer of the dimensional field. Expanding your consciousness through all that is.


I think whatever you decide to put in there would be great. Your posts are always very insightful if you published a grimore id be interested because your material is spot on excellent. I think an in debth look on Lucifer and his masks would be cool to read. Maybe things you can apply daily to stregnthen relationships with entities. Really tho if you write a grimore, i want to read it.


Hmm, maybe your gnosis on particular entities. Particularly if it differs significantly from the “canon” portrayal of these entities.


Ways to get to the crossroads state


Some stuff on using the demonic speech, mantras, and especially Enochian. Servitors and thoughtform creation. Pathworking. Lucid dreaming.


I would like to start seeing practical offensive/defensive energy work. Similar to the lines of Fa Jin.


This probably isn’t grimoire material, but I want to attack psychologists on their own turf. There are seers being stripped down and forcefully injected with mind altering substances at this very moment. This shit keeps me up at night, but Occultists don’t seem intetested.

Is the First Amendment worth fighting for, or should black magicians stay quiet?

(That’s what I want to see. Not trying to upset anybody.)


Magicians/occultist/seers and the like have been subject to this kind of cruelty since time immemorial. It’s unlikely to ever stop and we are a touch outnumbered. However if it literally keeps you up at night why not do some spell work to alleviate the pain of our fellow mages?


I do, and it draws me into some dark places.
Scientific medicine and psychology are good tools. I hate to see the inquisition using them as weapons.

I admit that this issue is a pet hatred of mine. I let it bother me on purpose. I want the fallen to know that someone isn’t letting it go. Someone is pissed off. Someone is working and planning and making progress. Somewhere out there, this isn’t over.


In my opinion those that do such things have already lost. They seek to master and control forces that as magicians we revere. While we seek to tune into and tap these forces they look to stealing them from those that already had them or worked hard to get. Their sheer ignorance will be the death of them all. They will eventually grab the wrong forces by the balls and get bitten


Astra/Soul traveling
Protection magick(physical, psychic, spiritual)
Magical attack
Business growth/sales magic

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@C.Kendall as a devout necromancer that loves what I do I always soak up anything necromantic related like a sponge, even if it’s not something that works for me or not practical to my line of witchcraft. I’m always on the lookout for the slightest shred of necromantic magic in books. Though I don’t know how experienced you are with necromancy and death magic so I can’t really suggest it but that is still my answer. :skull::heart: