What would you do in this case?

Hey what would you in a case where I tried all the contact me spells and none of them worked within 2 weeks? Sure sure wait … but sometimes you just can’t wait and sit.

I did all from the simplest blue marker and paper, evocations for mind influence, and even the intranquil spirit spell.

So if anyone have anything hit me up please because I’m out of tools.


Create an egregore of that person, fill it with fire from YOUR pores, do whatever you have to in the astral, then try this:

If that does now help, sleep upon it THREE days then send that egregore to POSSESS the target if you are still hung up on Him/Her.

The last bit may STILL be shrugged off if you are not best for him/her.


To add to the above - under the “what actions to take” bit from above if the “is it in the best interests of both to be together” part comes out ‘No’… The last option before you accept that is to change yourself to change the answer. It might help if you could find out why she’s so resistant and what about you doesn’t work for her so you can change it to what does. Or maybe start working on that instead of ‘sitting’.

Changing yourself can change everything in your life though, including your goals, and desires like this.

Rebirth meditations can help with that - like The Book of Azazel’s Lake of fire ritual - the kind where you painfully burn away parts or all of your being to be recreated fresh.

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In the same situation! :pensive:

How to do this? Is creating an egregore any different than a servitor?

Hey @Lady_Eva, I figured my question probably got lost in the shuffle, can you please clarify on creating an egregore of the person? Is the same process as creating a servitor?

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Sorry, yeah I lost the notification :blush: - yeah you basically structure a servitor to fill with energy, and ask the Higher Self permission, send the charged new energy framework to the person to merge, I have NOT used this with love but I have used it to change people’s minds on other things, and because you’re doing it with the permission of their HS, it bypasses a lot of the normal barriers ordinary people have in place.

This is a walk-through on creating wards that can be adapted for this purpose:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Do you think it actually works? Tested?

The meditation I posted above does. And yes I’ve used it several times.

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