What we know about the Benefits of Belial

You can put all the benefits of Belial you know !

Belial Bring wealth. I have never found Belial to bring overnight riches, and the power is most effective when you are working on long-term wealth and seek ongoing, stable increases. Call once a month to increase your wealth, and you will find guidance, fortune, and a reward for your efforts, that all increase your wealth. Discard the unwanted. A power that is easy to underestimate, especially when offered on the same page as riches, the ability to discard an aspect of your life is possibly one of the best . You can choose to discard an attitude, a personality trait, an infatuation, or even situations such as relationships, by asking Belial to remove them from your life. Become powerful in an organisation. When you need to be more powerful in an organisation, you need to progress in a way that is stealthy when required but also to be seen, respected, and desired by those who could let you obtain power. With a simple request, Belial can aid your real-world efforts. Even though it may take months to get where you are going, the benefits begin soon after the ritual. Win political favour. Whether you are dealing with office arguments, personal battles that involve several people, or actual politics, this power can make you win the favour of others. In any situation where political-style sides are being taken, and you wish to be seen as a leader, a worthy advisor, or somebody who can be trusted, this power will make others favour you above all others. Emanate power. This power is not directed at anybody else, but at transforming your aura so that you project an awe-inspiring sense of power. Other people will come to see you as somebody to be respected.

He can reconciles friends and enemy’s !
Provides Family!
He can give Titles !
Job promotion !
Support Bosses and higher Positions !
He can bring favors also from Enemy’s!
He is a Night Demon perhaps better invoce/ call him at night with offerings ( blood, Cigarettes, Alkohol etc. )

Can you give me more secret infos ? Thanks for the help of the Forum !


There’s plenty of information about Belial on this forum, with plenty of posts about experiences with him and how he’s helped various forum members :slight_smile:

Not sure how much of a “secret” it is. But you could also ask Belial himself and work with him to gain more knowledge/etc.


I am not too sure if its “secret”, but I’ve made the observation that Belial sometimes chooses to get rid of something from your personal life whether you’re asking him or not. It seems to be a “close contact” thing with him, though and speaking from a silent observer point of view I was always relieved that I wasn’t in the position of being close to that one :smiley: