What was your first astral projection experience like?

I am just curious as to what your guys’ first projection experience was like. For me, it really wasn’t what I expected, the world around me didn’t suddenly get clearer than what I saw.

I was aware of my body and the darkness of the inside of my eyes, but I was also aware of my Astral body at the same time and I could “See” but it was like I was seeing scenes projected on my eyelids and it was hard to maintain a clear image. If I didn’t focus, it just faded to black again.

So how about you guys? What was your first projection experience like?


It was rather disillusioning. I thought “Yeah, this is it. I will go places with this.”. I was so ready, I could feel my astral body following the call of uncharted territory.

Instead of etheric realms I’ve found myself in front of a gas station close to my residence. That was it.


I have been lucky enough to have some of my spirits help me travel to places. I have been in front of my house though during and expirience, I mostly just chilled with the Dryads there though.

Though for me, astral worlds seems to differ. Sometimes I am only able to perceive colors. Or just a room with different colors around me, yet I can see my spirits in human form, but nothing else.

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