What was your favorite evocation?

Let’s hear it; what we’re your guys favorite evocations? Something amazing, scary, weird, hilarious, incredible, etc. Lets hear how diverse our story’s can be!


oh that’s hard. either nyarlathotep, the haunter of the dark, azathoth, my godform, my wife. there just so many. or the time i met Lucifer now that is a good memory


That have to be my first attempt at a pact with a demon, Azazel. every way i could screw it up i did and he let me know, first by having one of his familiars grab me hard by my arm (little motherfucker looked like a cross between a house elf from harry potter and the rotten corpse of a child) then Azazel comes charging right at me with a evil grin on his face, held up the pact, shook his head dropped it and was gone. :fearful:

So after picking my ass up off the floor and waiting three days before speaking to him again, he gave me an earful of why that “pact” was crap, also the same day E.A. put out a newsletter about pacts and most of all of it was what Azazel told me not an hour before (cool), the only difference was everything in that pact i had pieced together form others online, nothing in it was mine, nothing in it came from me, so in every way that mattered to him it was worthless. :thinking:

So i learn more from that fuck up then i ever did from my success up to that point anyway. :wink:


my favorite was actually a failed evocation.

i tried for the first time to evoke to physical manifestation using incense as a manifestation base.

i was trying to evoke the Egyptian God Thoth. i connected him on a spiritual level and heard his voice. he said “use kyfie next time”. im not sure if i spelled it right but kyfie is an ancient Egyptian incense recipe.
(i was using copal resin at the time)

this evocation was my favorite because of what he did to my incense burner.

i was using a cheap little brass incense burning dish i bought online, it came with a wooden disk to rest it on to keep it from burning whatever was under it.

i was outside in the snow in winter, so feeling like a loser i dumped the burning coal into the snow and was about to pick up the wooden disk when i noticed something…the wood had changed color on one side. the wooden disk was once had a dark stain on it (very pretty), but after that failed evocation the dark stain on one side of the disk had faded off a bit and become a much lighter color. (i swear i could feel Thoth smiling at me in that moment.:wink:

that little trick he pulled was confidence enough for me to realize my efforts were not in vain and that i should keep doing magic, no matter even if i fail. :sunglasses:


Great topic! My favorites so far have been my first evocation ever and it was with Paimon. He showed up and made my dogs freak out and he banged my wall as pretty loudly. I closed it immediately. Scared the shit out of me. I asked him about it recently and he said he was fucking with me lol. My other favorite was my first evocation of Belial. I was frankly a little scared of him (still a newb) and he showed up as Jafar’s parrot from Disney’s “Alladin”. I laughed so hard. Then he caught on and changed into Gollum from LOTR. The best part about that one is that the evocation saved my ass and he still to this day seems to try to outdo himself with his hilarious manifestations.


When a preteen I used to sometimes close myself in a bedroom, and call demons with the Marlowe’s conjuration. I only sensed heavy air, which could be autosuggestion… But an indeed hilarious thing was when I lighted a torch, putting it on the floor, like a candle; after the calling I looked up, and the light on the ceiling resembled a small ghost.
Another time, I said Lucifuge’s conjuration using only a (real :wink:) candle in the darkness, and then I saw the room’s shadows spinning counterclockwise. Or a day that I was in a car and looking at a photo of that Pazuzu’s statue I decided to call him… I worked out a meditative/astral summoning, which I practiced in hotel; after talking to him in my mind I had that famous feeling that I was called, too.


So far, Gremory, seemed so real and I was new to it all.


How did you see him ?

I will never forget the first time I evoked Beelzebub! It was intense and amazing!

Unfortunately if I told you the details, you probably wouldn’t be able to forget either.

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My best would probably be unknowingly evoking Isis as a kid, I really wanted motherly attention and I was so sad and scared. I think my emotion was strong enough to pull her through. I still remember the beautiful woman with hair as rich as the Nile soil and eyes the color of a blue moon :slight_smile: