What was THAT? (Someone in my room)

Last night, quite late, I was working with the sigil of a new spirit I have never worked with before. I was working in the bedroom, (where I typically work so nothing new there) and I wasn’t sure I had even succeeded in opening or connecting with the sigil. I decided leave everything out and pick it up again this evening instead. I figured it just wasn’t my night for it and besides it can take a bit of work to get a good connection with a new one.

After i had gotten into bed though and was lying in the dark, I felt what seemed like something jumping up onto it. I thought nothing of it at first. I have a cat. She likes to sleep up there and jumps up almost every night, jostling the bed. It was obvious the next second however that there was no cat on the bed. I could hear her running around in the hallway. I sat up and felt around making doubly sure. No cat. So I got back in and shrugged it off. Within minutes it happened again. The bed shook slightly from something weighing at least a few pounds landing on it. And it was something that moved too. I felt something pulling at the mattress under the headboard. After a second it stopped. The cat did eventually jump up but I then realized for sure how it was a different kind of movement on the bed.

I know how this must sound likely insane. Believe me. I felt crazy myself. If it had been only once I’d have thought nothing of it, assumed it was imaging it or something fell over. But twice… Nothing was moved this morning. Nothing fell, nothing blew in the wind, and anyway the window was shut. But I’m sure something landed on the bed. The second time I felt something moving and landing I was overwhelmed by a sense that it was not all in my head. “Crap just got very real,” I thought. But on the other hand I can’t imagine why this would happen or how. The shaking bed is more of a movie scene concept that anything I have ever imagined as real.

If anyone has some insight I’d love to know. I wasn’t so much screed by it (yeah I surprised myself by not being terrified too,) as I was and am curious about it.

Not sure, but you might wanna do some scrying or divination and make sure it was the entity of that sigil, and not something else. Some of your experiences sound very similar to a post I just made titled “Newbie Mistake I Made Several Years Back”.

Could always be tactile hypnogogics. Most people experience visuals, some auditory hallucinations, and a rare few get tactile hallucinations.