What to say when someone asks you what religion you belong to?

Hi guys… There was a time when I sparked a coworker curiosity (Who happened to be Christian) after discussing religious topics. I was raised as a Christian as well so he thought for some reason that he could turn me back to Christianity. I carefully explained to him that I did believe in something but at that time I was just getting to know my coworkers and I didn’t want to have negative attention toward my beliefs so I just simply left it like that. Today, a guy that often comes to my business to have chit chats with me, asked me if I was Catholic or Christian. To which I obviously responded negatively, he stared at me with confusion as I explained to him that I did believe in higher powers but due to the state that I’m living in (Which is kind of conservative) I decided to once again leave it like that. I just wanted to ask for opinions or advice on what to say in these cases because I feel desperate sometimes that I cannot be completely open about my beliefs.


:thinking: for me I was raised as a Muslim! So I would just tell those people what they wanna hear so I don’t get into religion arguments! I wouldn’t explain or tell them what my actual beliefs are unless I actually deem them worthy of knowing me!


Well, I’m not really part of a religion, but if people ask, i usually just say agnostic. :woman_shrugging:


Oh for some reason I thought you were christian. I take it you dont go to church.


lol Nope, not a Christian, nor do I go to church. I was brought up by a Catholic mother though.


It is non of their business anyway. I would never ask anyone their religion or sexuality,it is too prying.

I have been asked and if I can’t be bothered with explaining stuff they could not absorb or analyse I just say none.

I notice that there is no LHP box to tick on employment diversity forms… It is just mainstream Religions


I sometimes tell them I will reveal my religion if they will answer a deeply personal question…such as what their Sexual Pecadillos are.

Trade…question for question.


I hate nosy questions. I get them all of the time from people asking what job I do or if I work as I do not do a 9 to 5 job, or If I had children or am thinking about it or am I getting married.

I sometimes pretend to be really thick and say I don’t know again and again until they go away


:rofl: lol I hate those questions especially if it’s from a relative then I have to give an answer! My uncle was asking about if am getting married soon I replied yes I even have 4 kids :sweat_smile: he almost killed me for joking about it! :woman_shrugging: I can’t be serious with nosy questions! And if I say the truth that I don’t wanna marry (arranged marriage that is) I’ll be judged!


Best not to answer as the answer will lead to more questions lol.


Be open minded and loving about the situation.

I recently was confronted by some weird early 20’s kid at work telling me that God loves me.

I just said thank you. Haha.

I don’t have time for that sort of shit.


Answer a question with a question.


If someone asks about your faith, just say you love god. Doesn’t matter if you’re God! They don’t need to know!


With a question then?

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I generally just tell them I worship Lucifer and his demons.

They generally think I’m joking and laugh and then they avoid the subject, a few close friends have seen my altar and know I actually practice magick, but they’re happy living in ignorant bliss which is fine with me.


I’d say I’m a LHP magician if I was asked by someone I’m comfortable with. If anyone else asked, I’d tell them nicely to MYOB. Fortunately, people rarely ask me personal questions about my religious/spiritual practices/beliefs, or sexuality, etc.


I say I have mixed beliefs. Few people still like to tell me I will always be or am a Hindu and it annoys me since I left that path.

Back when I was starting to work with The Morrigan, people thought it was pretty cool but once I started Demon work and honoring them I became a bad guy. Yeah fuck those people, their heads are too far up their asses anyways​:joy::joy::joy:.


You can pretend to be atheist. This is much safe.


I tell people that I’m a Rodnover. And then they ask what that is, and I explain about Slavic Paganism.

The funniest response I got was, “You’re a pagan, does that mean you worship Satan?”