What to include in a pact?

What would you include? Just me stating:
_“I want all the knowledge abilities and wisdom you hold.”_That sounds a kinda silly to me…
but it sound also silly, to just give a list of things i want, because i know that there is allways more stuff beyond what i can imagine or ask for.

Just that you know, its about Lilith, i would love to have her as my guide.
~Its supposed to be a long term relationship.

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Honestly imo I don’t think you’d require a pact for that. In my experience, ask and you shall receive.

Well, something has to be gotten wrong about this, because i just recieve weird ass dreams,
but not voice, see nothing, and all i -sometimes felt was a tingling in my spine. :frowning:

Sometimes people give gifts. Care to share those events?

A few times did i offered some fruits, but the most of the time did i used blood and semen
…i don’t know if that counts as a gift.

I haven’t written down those things, -i know, that way will they fade away… i know,
but i haven’t accomblished anything significant yet anyway.

Not you, what got from her without asking.

I don’t understand what you mean.

~Entities don’t just fly right to me to bring me presents.

Is she in the dreams? If that’s so she’s making herself known to you. I’d call that a present.


Only a few times… it is weird -her appearance stopped to show up as i was going deeper into her lore and rites.

The last time she showed herself, was no time i had anything to remember -regarding teachings and such…all i remember is that she had a certain role as a teacher, but i don’t remember a single thing.

The problem may be that I keep speaking in metaphors. Here.

You asked for Lilith and if my hunch is correct she’s most likely somehow involved in your dreams, there for you now have Lilith among you. Now all that’s left at the moment is to learn from her. Simply ask her to teach.


In that case, I am correct on my hunch. Listen much, you will hear the information you want to gain. Simply ask the teacher to teach.



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Can you actually hear her?

I also asked for the opening of certain chakras, but: no

That’s on you. You also have to put in work.

This might be something that your going to have to prioritize, asking for to much and giving to little is not how it works, so try asking for three things (Lilith really likes that number for some reason) these being the things you really would sell your soul, that you absolutely can’t live without having and also make three pledges to Lilith that you will do in her name, then go about doing them.

She’s already in your life now, but she may want you to narrow it down a little to get faster and much better results.


Wouldn’t it be contra-productive if i would ask for the three godlike powers?
I’m not giving enough??
~How often have i been bleeding?
I don’t know what i have to do, otherwise wouldn’t i do anything with her in the first place.

You know what? I bet even if i would cut my brothers head off, i still would have to do this chakra bullshit?! Something i could end up with anyway, if absolutely everything fails.

I have things to do NOW, things to fix NOW.
~I don’t have years to practise energywork and all that jazz.

sigh Ok, fuck it. FINE.
~I will try this shit…


Yep, you Still have to do that chakra bullshit…If indeed that’s what you truly desire…Life’s a bitch and so is Lilith like that.


Most goddesses are associated with the numbers 3 9 and 13, maybe that’s why

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Funny I started a thread just like this in S Ben Quyinns forum in response to the video he made about making pacts with demons- I have the same questions? What to offer to whom