What to do?

I moved into my girlfriends moms house recently. Small 2 bedroom house, my girlfriend, her mom, her moms boyfriend, her brother, his 2 kids and myself all crammed in this small house. Her mom is a die hard Xtian/ ex witch, cool lady, i like her a lot, wish she was still full witch but whatever. My problem is she senses the demon stuff and i feel like shes trying to fight it. She trys to convince my girlfriend and i to go to church, which is never gonna happen, neither one of us. Its like she mixes witchcraft with Xianity and it produces this strange state within me that i HATE. Love her but i dont love this feeling, its very draining and im living in her house.

I got kicked out of my last place because of all the shit i stirred up, pissing off lots of people, sneaking my girlfriend in my room and letting her stay for days at at time, drug use and booze. So i cant go back there for a good while.

Im pissed tho, i feel drained of my energy and need to be able to do my work without being affected by my girlfriends mom. My plate is full i got a bunch of other shit going on too. Its like Belials gates swung open for me and i have access to all kinds of insights but i feel more blocked off from it. I think its because shes a powerful witch turned to the wrong side using Xtianity but the witch is in her blood and will always be.

I need to meditate on this and come up with a solution to bring back my freedom. Tired of this blocked off feeling. Hard to get time to meditate with kids yelling all day and a full house.

It was very creepy when her mom came back from church the other day. I respect her and her beliefs but i dont like thay shit being pushed onto me. Its not my intention to change how anyone thinks, i just wish for the same respect in return.

Long story short (ill quit babbling), i feel like im being attacked by some weird form of Xtian magick if that makes any sense. Shes trying to push her will on me and im on the other side of the spectrum. I like my freedom and want it back. I dont wanna move out, girlfriend and i are trying to get into our own place.

Anyone else deal with anything like this? What did you do? More details the better. Can i do ritual work and conceal it from someone so sensitive to that stuff? Even if its within me intensely?

Hail Lucifer, Hail Azazel, Hail Belial.

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It is a simple matter to shield yourself from the energy. You can ask a spirit to do it for you (I would recommend Cohzier; he specialises in deflecting Christian energies), or you can put up some personal energy shields. You can also ward the room you sleep in.

However, DO NOT do your demonic workings in the house. Find some place outside to do them if possible, and then cleanse yourself before returning.

Remember, you are in HER house, and you need to respect that. She is letting you live there as a gesture of goodwill, and she can end it anytime she wants to, so it behoves you to behave yourself until you can change the situation.

I also would advise against using protective servitors. She could misunderstand any aggressive protection as a psychic attack coming from you. Passive protection, like mirror shields, would be far more effective in this situation, in my opinion, since you do not want her to remove you from the home, which is almost guaranteed if she thinks you are attacking her.


Yes I have xtian family members who don’t respect my home and practice what I would describe as occult practices under the guise of xtianity if they stay and I find my spirit reacts violently to it and it stirs up a lot of negativity. I agree with poster above though - do your work outside of this home. Subconsciously if nothing else it’s going to weaken your work if you try there


Yeah i agree. There is no way i could practice at the house nor would i want too. But yeah i agree im gonna look further into finding a new spot in the woods or something. I have a seperate issue i definately need to address with some workings. I have a lot on my plate and need to gain control over this seperate situation. Working today, maybe tonight i can do something. Appreciate the responses guys thank you.