What to do with this Toad

So to begin this post off, I want to say that I absolutely adore animals and reptiles of all kinds. They calm me down and are much easier to handle than other people. Animals usually are nicer, and they dont judge you.

So a few hours ago I caught a small toad in my front yard. I was fasicnated by him, so I brought him inside and placed him into a small pet carrier I had laying around. I also placed some grass as a temporary substrait and a little hermit crab hut for him to hide in. I also moistened everything with water to keep him hydrated and wet.

Now for my question. Since I enjoy the occult as much as I do animals, I was wondering if there’s something I could incorporate this Toad into. Such as if I kept it until it died would it’s bones be useful to me for anything occult related? Or would keeping it as a wet specimen serve some sort of purpose? If there’s nothing I can do with it magically I think I’m just gonna release him back into the wild. I know, this is an odd and probably uncommon type of topic, but I’m curious.

If I keep him In soooo gonna name this little motherfucker Kermit.


Aw, let him free, prison sucks and he can’t even understand why if you choose to take his little toad life away. :crying_cat_face:

Get a captive-born one if you want a pet, they’ve never experienced freedom.

Also, toads can live 10 - 12 years, so that’s a loing time just waiting to get his bones, he’ll pay a very high price for something you don’t even know what you’ll use it for.


Honestly wild reptiles and amphibians do not take to captivity and often times starve themselves.
A toad (depending on the species) needs water to get into, they don’t need a hole to hide in, that’s a snake and only some species.
As a lover of these animals you’d know all this (these animals are very high maintenance and having them requires research after all) so idk why you’re asking unless you want the animals bones?

If so, just order some from a good source. Can’t stop you from killing the toad if that’s your end goal however.

All animals can be occult related ALIVE and UNHARMED btw.


Alrighty thankyou for the replies lol. Im just gonna set him free tomorrow morning before I leave.


Yeah best to let him free he is a cutey though n there are things you can incorporate him in but it’s not worth him losing his life over though so yeah I agree with the rest but he may come back around though lol that be nice if he did


Yeah I’m sure he would. There’s a bunch of toads around my house at night. They make the most pleasent sounds. Helps me sleep tbh😂


I bet i just get cicada s around mine they keep me up…

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Let him go, he needs to eat fresh flies and slugs and sleep. He will be stressed out and it can kill them. I have a pond full of them in my Garden and they are interesting little things


Indeed buy a toad from the local pet Shop if you really want it for ahrimanic magic. I was vegan so i stated that loud before starting the ahrimanic path. I use a toad statue instead and it works perfectly