What to do with sigils?

Hello I would like to know what do we do with sigils after evocation i burn them is that correct ? I just checked E.A. S evocation course he says on magick SQUERES to hide somewhere ? So my question is should I hide all sigils or only SQUERES all the rest to be burnt ?

If a sigil has run it’s course you can burn it, bury it, toss it in moving water, or dispose of it at a crossroad.

You mean run its course when evocation finishes ? Or when I got results of my desire ? When my disires are fulfilled should I do that only then ? Or direct after evocation ? Thank you for help granchemin

All of these suggestions ^^

or you can simply keep the sigil if you plan on working that entity all the time by storing it away in your grimoire or in an envelope. I make fancy decorated envelopes to store my sigils in for spirits that I work with all the time.

lol that would be great as I have to draw sigils all the time cool thanks for advice revensascent