What To Do With Candles Post Ritual

I have 3 candles that represented the entities I invoked, which I extinguished when I sent the spirits off to work. 2 others I have left to burn out of their own accord. I am trying not to marvel too much at how the passive candle is succumbing to the aggressive one’s energy. Once they’re done, I feel I should respectfully dispose of all of these candles.
What is the best way of doing this, given that I am still living in hotels (very nice ones, thankyou, Lord Bune.)
I have read about the signicance of graveyards and rivers in Hoodoo traditions. Both are very convenient to me, but don’t really suit the purpose of the spell. Crossroads are everywhere, but burial at such poses problems. I like the idea of burying the candles, along with a libation of good New Zealand pinot noir for the spirits who helped.
Where would be a good place to do this, in the absence of a front or back yard?

Is there a public park near you, with some shrubbery? Parks are usually joyous places.

I have never buried any candles. I have always just thrown them in the trash after they burnt out and so far, after 18 years of doing this, It has never affected anything negatively. Just thought I’d mention that in case you don’t successfully find a place to bury them.

Also, have you thought about (if using tapers, votives, or pillars) just leaving the last little remains out in the sun somewhere to melt up completely? That could be a good sub for burial.

Somewhere special, even under a pretty tree or the like on your way to work would be nice - something you would see reasonably often would bring those entities back to the fore front of your mind & be a bit more intimate than some random burial.