What to do when this feeling stay with you?

For months I’ve entered on this state. They call it dissolution of the ego, depersonalization?
I describe it as a state of neutrality and observation. I don’t feel attachment or detachment and at the same time I feel both. It’s like non-existence and existence at the same time. Nothing surprises me and yet, everything surprises. it would describe itself like a supreme calm that helps me understand my everything and my nothing. How to be on the verge of my birth and my death… ok, ok, did I get too descriptive? I’m sorry.

What advice would you give me? Is this something to be overcome? or is it just another tool for dosed use?

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I think I get it, sort of.

It might just be a transition to a different stage of your life/mind etc, when you’re trying to work things out or it’s going on in the background without you realising it.

Is there anything contributing to it (are you on any medication that might affect your mood)?


Nop, I don’t consume that kind of medications.

I think it’s something positive, or at least productive in this fase of my life. I was the kind of passionate person, I used to be carried away by influences and the waves of voices around me, and this feeling/non feeling is quite powerful, like something that musn’t be taken lightly. That’s why I worried.

I’m working with Deities, spirits, maybe they are “lending me” their own perspective over my world and my problems.

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