What to do when targeted

Okay! Here is the situation;

I have an Ex who actively discussed her magical abilities. Haven’t seen her in years, haven’t spoken in that time either. Until about a month ago, that is.

I had been thinking about her pretty heavily out of nowhere and not long after that, she contacted me. We spoke briefly before I cut off communication again. Now I’m STILL thinking about her but it’s gotten to the point of mental sexuality.

Bottom line, I cannot freaking believe I didn’t put this together before now.

So my question is this; what is the best course of action? I have to admit, if true, I’m both flattered and a little turned on at the idea. Okay, a lot of both. Lol BUT I don’t appreciate manipulation specifically from her.

She did that enough without magick.

So do I send it back? How? Do I create my own? How do I even check if this thing is active or my own imagination? I’d ask a deity, demon, or spirit but I’m not well-versed or experienced enough to trust the answers. My senses are crap.

Any input on this?


Shield yourself.

Banish daily.


Does her branch of magic on this matter in the sense of my style of shielding?

No, because the shield should be designed to protect your thoughts from any outside influence, regardless of what it is.


Awesome. I’m all over it.

Now… How would you fuck with her in return?

You need to forget about her. Totally. Remove all thoughts of her from your mind. Remember that you are a living god. Your will prevails in your life.

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Personally, I wouldn’t. It’s enough just to prove you have the wherewithal and power to defend yourself.

If you want her out of your life, the last thing you should want is to start a magical war with her. That will give her a clear foothold in your head.

Defend, reflect back her spells, and carry on as if nothing happened. Relegate her to the dust bin.


Sounds like remote seduction I use to do this , she’s telepathically seducing you ,

Never been through that, pal, but I agree with @DarkestKnight. Protect yourself with runes, sigils, anything you feel comfortable with. Also, use visualization to create an energy shield around you, keeping in mind the goal to reflect/deactivate any kind of spell coming your way. If you want zero contact with your ex, try banish magick. She’ll be away from you and no harm will be made

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@Happiechappie and @DarkestKnight you are both clearly a little wiser than myself. I’ll throw some runes and seals into it since I resonate with those more.

@John_Wick teach me that sometime. Lol Have you ever been on the receiving end?

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No I haven’t received it but message me it is very simple

Listen to DarkestKnight he know his shit.


In addition to shielding, it may also help to direct your attention towards another potential lover. This way, when thoughts of your ex come to mind (as they inevitably will for a short time), you will be able to remind yourself that you may find similar (and ideally better) fulfillment elsewhere.

With this sort of influence magick, and with things like curses, you will generally know when you are being targeted if you are able to trust your intuition. Because you are relatively less experienced, my suggestion is to simply do what I mention above. As you become more skilled, you will become able to deflect the magick with greater nuance and precision because your connection to the spirits you work with will be much stronger.

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Unfuck yourself. Banish, cut cords, cleanse and shield. Biim bada boom, bye biiitch! Because it seems if she wanted to make you obsessed she has accomplished it because you want to get back at her aka keep her in your life. Clever lady using sex like that. Pretty effective using your weakness like that to make you think staying attached is your idea.

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I’ve been on the receiving end of a spell like this, although my situation was different - we were on-again, off-again, and if he wasn’t going to commit to me and stay put, I sure as hell wasn’t going to sleep with him. When the lust spell hit me (and it hit HARD), I burned out the motor on my vibrator rather than give in to him.

Send it all back with a spell of your own (mirror magick is good for this), bind her from casting spells on you, and take a few cold showers.


First off, this may not be the manifestation of a magickal work, but Jungian synchronicity. If she’s been reminiscing on the past and thinking of you, she could’ve drawn together circumstances for you two to cross paths again without even intending to. Your obsession could be unresolved feelings you’ve buried within yourself after your breakup. Having even a mildly pleasant encounter could release these thoughts from your subconscious and are demanding to be dealt with despite your discomfort. It would require self-introspection through shadow work.

That stated: if you feel this has the strange feel of magick written all over it, then trust your gut.

Psychic Defense

  1. Your first step should be to cut the ‘psychic cord’. There’s various methods you can use and are easily found through a search engine. One technique I’ve used is to focus on this person and allow myself to feel without judgment this connection we have. I imagine them in front of me with their mannerisms, speech, smells, etc. Then I feel in front of my heart where these emotions emanate from. I was surprised to literally feel a cord I grasped considering my third eye abilities aren’t the strongest. With the other hand, make the shape of scissors and cut the cord you are holding.
  2. Deflection Mirror Shield. Visualize mirrors surrounding you with the reflections facing outwards so anything sent your way bounces back.
  3. Do yourself a favor and buy Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap to use as a daily wash. Cleanse it of previous energies by either passing it through cleansing smoke such as from incense made of pine, cedar, sandalwood, sage, or sagebrush; burying the bottle in salt, sand, or dirt for 24 hours; or by letting it soak in salt water for a couple hours. Set your intentions to use it as a magickal cleanser and ‘charge’ the bottle by letting it get plenty of sunlight for a day. If your home uses soft water, then you have the added protection/purification/cleansing properties of salt every time you wash up. Here’s what is in the fair trade ingredients:
  • Water: likely distilled. No properties unless ‘charged’.

  • Organic Coconut Oil: purification and protection

  • Potassium Hydroxide (lye): transmutation (note: inferred the property based upon the extraction of hardwood ashes mixed with soft water before adding to animal or vegetable fats).

  • Organic Palm Kernel Oil: healing and protection (note: rare to find any information likely due to its association with unethical manufacturing - removing rainforests to make palm farms, effect on climate change, and documented human rights’ abuses and child labor; magickal properties inferred on journal papers regarding traditional magic uses)

  • Organic Olive Oil: healing, peace, fertility, protection

  • Organic Hemp Oil: healing, love, psychic ability, protection

  • Organic Jojoba Oil: healing and love

  • Citric Acid (tapioca derived): healing, protection, grounding, stability, sympathetic magick (Note: tapioca starch is derived from the roots of cassava/yuca. This tuber has lore of forming as a staple crop when a woman’s child had starved to death and a spirit appeared who transmutated the buried body so others will not suffer the same fate of starvation. As a root crop, I inferred magickal properties from its fellow root crop, the potato)

  • Tocopherol (vitamin E derived from soy and sunflower oils): luck, protection, psychic awareness, spirituality (soy); protection, fertility, health, luck, joy, wisdom (sunflower)

  • Mint (contains peppermint and wild mint): to break hex/jinx/crossing magick, psychic development, purification, protection, healing, love, calmness, and prosperity

Active Spell Work

  1. You could do a simple return spell. Write down something to the effect “return this unwanted, forced obsession back to who sent it forth” before throwing it into a fire. You could petition/pray to the proper spirit/god/dess who you feel could help you. An offering of thanks for them would be appropriate if you ask them for a favor. The Greek Titan Hecate (heh-kuh-tee) is a chthonic goddess associated with witchcraft, spirits, the dead, et cetera who would be good for a petition such as this. A good quid pro quo offering would be roasted sweet potatoes or pumpkin as they’re safe for dogs to consume (she’s also associated with being a vegetarian and dogs). Alternatively, if you work divination, you can dedicate free readings to others as a sacrifice to her. Do it before petitioning.

2a. You could do sympathetic magic. To stop love from growing, you can bury a seed in a small pot representing her love or your love before covering it with pink Himalayan salt to make the seed/the love infertile.

2b. Alternatively, you can shape a heart made from dough with your names inscribed on a piece of paper inside of it. A day or two before the new moon, take it somewhere away from your property, squeeze the juice of a lemon all over the heart, and state “This love shall wither,” before stabbing the heart repeatedly. Bury the broken heart. When you walk home, take the long way as if you are trying to lose a tail/stalker.

As mentioned earlier, spell work with the intention of retribution/punishing is likely to backfire on your ass where your ex is well-seasoned and you’re not. Don’t forget to add a time clause within any spells cast (ex: by two full moons). You can always check the progress of your spell work through divination as well.

Happy heresies. Enjoy your new adventure into godhood.


When this happened to me I put it in the ground, it got rid of the feelings and I felt like myself. My ex is also a narcissist and even when he has nothing, like no one around him, no place to live and poor health he still thinks he is the greatest person to ever live.

Holy shit. Thank you all for the overwhelming support and feedback.

@shinri I appreciate you meeting me on my level. My underdeveloped instincts here aren’t proving helpful but finding something else to direct my energy towards isn’t a bad idea and might even be fun. Though sex energy is still energy and I may find a use for it yet.

@ChiNami She’s a devious minx but only partly in a fun way and never worth the ugly side of it. But I appreciate the more straightforward approach. If she wanted fire, she’ll get frost.

@Poppet Now there’s an image. Lol BUT, the reassurance is sound. I’m sure I can find a better use of my time and energy. She’s a state away, fortunately, in California. I imagine that will work in my favor.

@longlostredemption This is my fear as well. My mind playing tricks on me is nothing new and for every argument I can make in favor of something supernatural, there is a counter for the natural. But I’ve come to figure it this way; whether true or untrue, can’t afford the risk. And you’re EXTREMELY comprehensive list will be enacted today. Banishment, defense, maybe not the soap… But I have pine and sage, and anything else I have handy. I don’t have Himalayan salt handy… I need more preparation, I think.

@Brand_New Well your ex and mine sound like they’d be perfect for eachother. Mine can twist a person up in knots even without witchcraft and knows it. Let’s hope yours and mine hit it off someday. :joy: