What to do when nothing's working on your target

I’ve tried Andromalius but will ask again.

I would be very surprised if the target has ANY shielding; she’s way too stupid (and lazy) to do that herself.

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Well, she’s still alive and still pilfering, so by definition, it hasn’t worked.

Originally, I just wanted her discredited and fired (she’s still employed, making money off of MY work). I didn’t start the really baneful stuff until I realized she was cyberstalking me. I figure I’m allowed to protect myself.

Could be…but she steals other people’s material, too. I’m not the only victim. It seems unlikely that the universe would dole out the same exact “lesson” to multiple people. through one really horrid person.


I’ll look into that :smiling_imp:

A few demons come to mind, if you have not called them already.
Leraje if you want her to feel some painful stuff.
Aim if you want to increase the likelihood of “accidental injuries” :roll_eyes:
Forcalor if you want to blow her stolen business up.

And Haures if you want all the above :rofl:


I’ve tried Haures and Leraje…maybe I’ll call Forcalor tonight!


I will do rune hexes first, then if u have bussines card, cross whit runes, then draw a pentagram the one to decrease …then offer her name to a spirt, do the first 3 whit a week. Or every 2,/3 days,


No business card (I don’t know if she even has any), but I could maybe print out one of her pictures from social media. Would that work?

Yes, i dnt like bindings bcse i feel not enough, tat i write above be enoght to see her fault decrese her skills, the spirt to feed of her, such sumerian, or whatever u feel like, her as a offering. Lwt us knw how it go,

Her psychic attachments to you can matter a lot. Same with your psychic attachment to her.
The attachments can be so fixed that only releasing them can allow change and for magick to work. An attachment can be her admiration for your stuff, to the point where she wants to claim it as hers, that’s creepy

Bael will hide you from her, and make her care less about you and your life.

I have a neighbor, I can feel her cyberstalking me too down to what photos she’s looking at on my social media, she’s overly interested in my shit and I have tried warning her and then cursing her, only to have her come back to fuck with me. I cursed her badly with guilt and then asked Baal Bael to have to loose all interest in me. It finished the game.

Also, if your magick doesn’t work then maybe your attachment to “getting her back” is in the way. It’s best to let it go and give it up to the universe or whatever spirit you work with.

Also, Agares will weaken a person and make it easier to work against them. She probably feels super emotionally justified in taking your work and that protects her


Try something to give nightmares. People have a hard time functioning properly without good sleep and it can mimic the effects of mental illness in some ways. Ask that the nightmares be about the content she stole in the past to give her a clue how to stop it.

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I’m thinking 7 people, casting over one solar cycle. One from each continent 3 hrs 43 mins each and enveloping the earth with magick from each culture focusing on same goal and target.


Maybe you are having challenges with your magick because she has you feeling angry and paranoid. You are giving her too much power over you. Re-adjust, find balance, and remember you are in control. I notice that my magick doesn’t give me results when I am not focused on being my higher self.

Hmmm Personally, I would do some intranquil spirit work to torture her and for revenge. Time to send the dead. :blush:


LOL she’s already stalking him, the RotIS might be an unwise choice…

I’d start secular, get better IP protections (you’re talking trademarks I’m guessing), maybe find a good IP lawyer and see if you can really curse her with some judiciary hell.

I’d agree with NNP however that you’re more likely result lusting than simply casting curses which are bouncing off.

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Well some people have shields or guardians since they were born.


Looked into that. I can’t even afford to send a cease-and-desist letter right now.

This means there is only one other thing, the most important, to work on: you.

The third decan of Gemini is for exposing and spreading of a bad reputation. I personally would incorporate that into the ritual. (Perform it when the third decan of Gemini is on the ascendant I mean)

And if you have anything that links to her you could try to reach her guardian spirit through that and make it clear that her actions are not beneficial to herself.

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She’s probably gone through your Baneful magick unconsciously and takes more time for her to figure out that something’s not right.

So for you it takes more work to complete the damage you’ve done, so far I think you have done not even half of it.

Go through and through with what you’re doing and for a couple of weeks your target will hopefully break down and seeing as how many damage you’ve done just by one or two sessions of Baneful magick won’t do the trick because it might not fully or even go past her energetic defences.

Just move on give it at least a year to manifest, anytime you think about it be grateful and Invision her suffering. Then move on. No need to waste a lifetime on asshole. The best revenge is prestige it’s the biggest :fu: you possible. You feel great and you have moved on. Thriving, and living your life. They are stuck in the past or cuaght up with jealousy and hatred. But you, you are just chuckling and indifferent, the entire situation is below you. And honestly that’s what people hate, when you can barely even remember who they are or what the deal was. Because you have better things to do.